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Hello everyone. I'm new to allnurses.com and I just wanted to say congrats to those who got into the 2012 UCF nursing program this summer. I am a prenursing student at UCF as I am still working on... Read More

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    Hi everyone and welcome!! Thank you very much for replying to this thread. I am very happy that there are some of you out there who are willing to share the anxiety but also an excitement of applying to UCF nursing program.

    I have taken another TEAS exam about 2 weeks ago, and I was able to raise my previous score from 82 to 86 this time. I scored really well on science, math and English grammar. Personally, I find the reading comprehension as the most challenging part of the TEAS exam. There is a lot of paragraphs to read and not too much time to answer the questions related to them. They are pretty long and pretty boring. Lol

    I'll definitely take another TEAS test at the end of the fall and try to score even higher.

    I'm taking Anatomy and human nutrition this semester and will have only one more prerequisite to take in the spring.

    So how is everyone else doing?
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    @ lexiucf

    Yes, you can apply to both ABSN and Basic BSN. From what I understand, after talking to the one of the program counselors at CON, you will have to submit two applications. One for ABSN and another for Basic BSN.
    I am also planning on applying to both. I will definitely let you know if I find out anything else.

    All the best to all of us!
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    Its nice to see some people are in the same boat as I am. I graduated from Penn State in 2009 and looking to get my 2nd Bach degree. I just took the TEAs and got a 92% on them. I have an overall 3.6 GPA and I believe a 3.9 prereq GPA.
    Has anyone submitted the APG petition form yet from an out of state school? How did that go?

    I talked to a councilor from UCF and she said that the accelerated program is a lot easier to get into then the regular program. Is anyone applying to other places besides UCF like USF or any other college.

    Good luck everyone
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    How many times a semester can you take the TEAS? I am studying for it now and I am getting 86-90 on the practice test. I am scared to take the real one because I thought you could only take it once a semester. I am going to see an advisor this week sometime so if I find anything interesting or helpful out, I'll post it on here!
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    Hello. Yes, that's true. You can only take one TEAS test every semester. I took mine on the last available day for TEAS testing and still during summer semester (Aug 16th).
    So, I'll retake it sometime before the end of the fall semester. You can take teas test once per semester and at least 30 day in between the semesters. So if I took my teas on aug 16th (summer semester), I can take it again no sooner than 30 day after 08/16 (hence fall semester).

    Good luck with your meeting. And thanks for posting.
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    Hey all, I don't know what I can help with but I am currently in the accel program. I know when I applied, I had a zillion questions so feel free to ask.

    It is true that according to ATI you can take the TEAS within 30 days from your testing date, but for UCF you can only take it once per semester. I wouldn't stress out to much with the TEAS because if you are getting 86-90 on the practice exams you will be fine since you generally score better on the test than on the practice tests.

    ... And it does tend to be a bit easier to get into the accel program since the pool of applicants is smaller since you need to have a bachelors degree to apply.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Jackie
    Thanks for finding some time to visit us in here.
    How is it being in accelerated program? Is it as hard as they say it is? How are you doing in your clinicals?
    Any wise tips for us?

    I scored 86 on my last TEAS. Should I try again to better my chances of getting in?
    I have a 3.92 overall GPA and 4.0 prerequisite (so far). I'm currently taking anatomy and human nutrition, and I hope my GPA chance once I complete all prerequisites.

    What's do you find the hardest in accelerated program?
    Best of luck..

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    * i hope that my gpa doesn't chance
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    Hey Anna,

    I think the TEAS score is fine... It changes year to year depending on how competitive the aggregate applicants score is. I think I got an 84 but I had a similar GPA to yours and finished all my prereqs by the time I applied (although others didn't). The TEAS seems really important right now but it really isn't! I promise you! A high TEAS score does not mean you will do better in nursing school neither does having a 4.0! Nursing school is another animal altogether. (maybe I am saying this bc I am a stressed nursing student who has been studying since 7 am and just stopped to grab some coffee )

    Hardest part of the accel program is managing your time. For instance this week we have 2 huge exams and next week another 2... And this will continue until January (this is supposed to be the sink or swim semester... If you can make it through the 2nd semester you are supposed to be able to graduate). The first semester is a lot of busy work which takes away from your studying time and this semester is different bc it is less group projects and papers and so much information you can hardly absorb it all!!!!!! I just finished my OB rotation and start Peds on Friday... It is awesome! Long term care which you will do during your first semester is NOT an indication of whether you will like nursing! Trust me everyone dislikes it but you will get through it!


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