Tallahassee Community College Spring '13 Applicants - page 7

I'm starting this thread to try and connect with anyone who may be applying for TCC's Nursing program for Spring of 2013. I just applied yesterday, and I'm nervous!... Read More

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    lol yea, the rolling backpack is quit tempting. I got three pairs just so I won't have to worry about doing laundry every night. But, i'm pretty sure 2 pairs is fine you'll just have to wash scrubs more often. I think the most important books right now are the set of med surg books. Those are the ones I was told to bring to fundamentals. Hope those are in cause I have a felling we are going to start really fast.

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    So I went ahead and got a rolling bag! But it's really cute!lol. My mom had originally (for Christmas) given me a very cute Vera Bradley messenger bag. I loved it but I knew that it could not possibly hold everything I needed, so we went to exchange it for something else, and low and behold they had this really cute rolling "luggage" bag in Mocha Rouge. It's kinda like a suitcase but the zipping is done so that both sides and the top unzip and the bottom is connected(much like a backpack), plus it has lots of little pockets to put other supplies. I'm so excited!

    Ironically the set of med surg books are the ones I'm still waiting on! And I payed extra for expedited shipping which is what is really aggravating to me, I'm really mad because I won't have them for Monday. Grr! I did get my clinical calculations book today so that is a plus.
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    I wish we didn't have to wait until the day of classes to have our courses load on Blackboard. I like knowing what I'm in for!

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