Taking Prerequisites for UCF at Valencia?

  1. Hey, I was hoping that someone who got into UCF's BSN program could help me.

    I already have my A.A. from Valencia. I've confirmed with UCF that prerequisites do not expire (so even if you took classes 10 years ago, they still count). I still have to take General Chem, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Microbiology and Human Nutrition before I apply.

    So, my question is.... did any one here take these courses at Valencia or Seminole or other "community" college and get into UCF? The course #'s do not match. An advisor told me that they generally accept these courses but I want to be sure I'm not hurting myself.

    I really hope so because I do work and UCF's class schedule sucks for working adults. I understand that I'll eventually have to quit to go to nursing school but I don't want to have to quit just for pre-reqs. Not to mention, it's cheaper at Valencia, smaller classes and generally much more supportive (I've taken classes at both schools).
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  3. by   Nikkilicious
    I haven't been accepted (yet!), but I am in the process of applying for the accelerated BSN at UCF. I have a BA and an MA, but both non-nursing and non-science, so I had to take all of the prereqs to apply. I did all the prereqs through Valencia. I did meet with a UCF nursing advisor prior to enrolling at Valencia, to be sure the courses would transfer (I was concerned about the differing course numbers, too) and was assured they would transfer no problem.

    Good luck!
  4. by   EventuallyANurse
    Thanks! I'm sooo relieved!
  5. by   _sunflower
    I went to Daytona State College and have been in the BSN program for a year. Our course numbers didn't match either. The only thing that had me worried was I took an "Intro to Chemistry" course, but when I called they said it was the equivalent of their required chemistry class and was acceptable.