Starting NS Pre-Reqs Jan. Broward College.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone else will be starting pre reqs around Jan 2012. ANd if so what campus. I know most if not all of the studying will be coming from ourselves but it doesnt hurt to have someone alongside you to help build you. Let me know!
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  3. by   Chris787n
    bump (are we allowed to bump
  4. by   Clo1010
    Hi! I am starting my first pre-req class today at Broward the North Campus. I am taking A&P a little nervous, just hearing and reading about how hard this class is. What campus are you attending?
  5. by   Chris787n
    I am at BC Central taking my Math and Eng, I live closer to North Campus though. I just chose late classes. But maybe next semester we can sync up a class or so.
  6. by   RNOrchid
    I just started my science classes last week. I just have science classes to complete. Taking my first anat w/ anat lab and chemistry. So far all my science classes are being taken at downtown and I'm happy with my professors.
    I feel a lot better now that I have all my math classes completed. The only math like class I want to take just in case I decide to transfer is STA2023.
    Best of luck to all
  7. by   jam926
    Does anyone have any good advice for teachers at south or downtown for nursing pre reqs? would greatly appreciate it! thanks