Starting NS Pre-Reqs Jan. Broward College. Starting NS Pre-Reqs Jan. Broward College. | allnurses

Starting NS Pre-Reqs Jan. Broward College.

  1. 0 I was just wondering if anyone else will be starting pre reqs around Jan 2012. ANd if so what campus. I know most if not all of the studying will be coming from ourselves but it doesnt hurt to have someone alongside you to help build you. Let me know!
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    bump (are we allowed to bump
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    Hi! I am starting my first pre-req class today at Broward the North Campus. I am taking A&P a little nervous, just hearing and reading about how hard this class is. What campus are you attending?
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    I am at BC Central taking my Math and Eng, I live closer to North Campus though. I just chose late classes. But maybe next semester we can sync up a class or so.
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    I just started my science classes last week. I just have science classes to complete. Taking my first anat w/ anat lab and chemistry. So far all my science classes are being taken at downtown and I'm happy with my professors.
    I feel a lot better now that I have all my math classes completed. The only math like class I want to take just in case I decide to transfer is STA2023.
    Best of luck to all
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    Does anyone have any good advice for teachers at south or downtown for nursing pre reqs? would greatly appreciate it! thanks