SPC Spring 2013 hopeful, anyone else biting their nails?!?! - page 7

I will be sending my official Spring 2013 app in on 7/20! All pre-reqs completed except for micro (which I am already registered for in the fall before the program would begin), and a GPA of 3.78 on... Read More

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    I got in too with a 3.9 all classes completed. Congrats to everyone!!!

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    Congrats. Also glad to see the emails are going out.
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    PmRNHopeful did you get in?
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    No email as of now. Applied for the Paramedic transition program. Somewhat concerned now. Waiting for the better luck next time email it seems.
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    I've yet to receive an email. Is it possible that they are sending out acceptance letters first, and then alternates / rejections? I'm almost certain I'll probably be an alternate this time...I keep refreshing my Outlook email inbox waiting for it to pop up!
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    I hope you find out soon, I know the wait is crazy! Best of luck to you!
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    I received the email today, I am an alternate student. Now I have to wait until November 20th to see if any seat becomes available. Keeping my fingers crossed. Anyone else in the same situation as I am?

    Does anyone know if they stopped calling applicants for the EAYL, or are they still calling?
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    Does anyone know who handles the applicatiins at SPC? Im very concerned now. No email yet. I feel like I should call someone...
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    I got accepted through spc!!! Omg!
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    Congratulations gogator123

    Do you know if they already called everybody who got accepted, or are they still calling?

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