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Finishing pre reqs with Microbiology this semester. I will be applying for Fall 2012. I'm glad they changed the application process so I can apply after the semester is over. I'll have a 3.9 GPA so... Read More

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    Erica1223 - for every semester it varies. I know the semester I got in the lowest was in the 3.6 range. That was over a year ago. Not sure how it is now, but its been known that spring is easier to get into than the fall. Don't feel like you have no chance just because of what is rumored!

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    My teacher yesterday told me I better have a back up plan or two because its so competitive to get in. She said the GPA requirement is at least a 3.85 now.

    I was thinking in my head "wow" thanks for the support.... It makes me even more nervous now. This is my first semester and that means I would only be able to get maybe 2 B's to keep a GPA like that.lol I'm just venting now sorry
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    I believe the average gpa this semester was in the 3.8 range; however, it varies from semester to semester. Last semester had a lower average gpa. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks,I don't want to waist my time if you get what I'm saying. The way she made it sound was like it was impossible to get in.

    Do you guys recommend any micro and a&p teachers ..
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    I know the lowest g.p.a. accepted for this fall was a 3.7 with an average of 3.88. From what I understand, the spring semesters average g.p.a. is lower
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    Ha! For some reason it didn't show the last comments! Sorry for the double!
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    I took both online....pm me if you are want to know more about the classes
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    Hello, I was wondering if any student already in the program could tell me if we take the TEAS test at orientation? If so is there a passing/failing score? Thank you!
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    You don't take it at orientation if I remember correctly. They tell you to sign up for a certain day and time, and then you go in on your scheduled time. It's not pass or fail, they just want to see how prepared you are for nursing school, what your strengths and weaknesses are, etc. Good luck.
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    Ok thank you for responding. Ive heard so many different stories on what we have to do at orientation I was a little confused. Thanks again.

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