Seminole State College Fall 2013 Applicants

  1. Hello!!

    Anyone interested and applied to Seminole State College's Fall 2013 nursing class? If you don't mind sharing, what were your app stats? Deadline was today, so now the waiting game begins!

    Best wishes to all who applied!

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  3. by   IndecisiveInMiami
    Hey, I was actually going to ask about this school. I'm in Miami now, but I applied to Seminole state(for the Respiratory care program). I don't know anything about the school, other than I have everything I need to be accepted this August! Which is why I applied! haha.

    Do you know its rep? Is it a good school? Good teachers? Good programs? What about clinical sites? Do they offer a lot? I'm hoping to work in a Childrens Hospital. Not sure if there are many aroudn there, unless they have sites in Orlando area. I'm submitting my app today for the program.
  4. by   dlei
    @indecisive I applied to the concurrent Seminole/UCF program although I am going to the UCF generic program. I know someone in concurrent who is doing great work, seems like a fine school. I know the NCLEX pass rates are pretty high as well. Seems like good variety in clinical locations - Orlando is a big city with much to offer! I really don't know more than that because I'm a UCF student, but good luck! I know respiratory therapists are a vital part of the health care team
  5. by   rn-in-progress2013
    Did you mail in or drop off you application?
  6. by   IndecisiveInMiami
    Thanks dlei