Santa Fe College ASN 2013

  1. 0 Anyone else applying to Santa Fe in Florida for 2013?
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    not sure if you are talking about the RN program or LPN program, but i've just applied to the LPN
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    I just wanted to tell you both good luck because I am from Gainesville, but currently live in Va. I know lots of people that have gone through Santa Fe's program, I wish I could have too!
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    i am too
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    I am applying to the RN program!
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    I'm considering applying to Santa Fe, but am waiting to hear back from the accelerated BSN programs I applied to first to see if I need to apply as a back-up. I know the College of Central Florida gives preference to applicants residing In their 'district' which is Marion and a couple other counties. Does Santa Fe do the same for Alachua County residents? Also, I have taken the TEAS V for a couple of my other program options- does anyone know if the Kaplan test is similar in content?
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    Santa Fe doesn't give any extra points for living in Alachua county although most of the scholarships are based off of that. In my experience the TEAS V and Kaplan were completely different. I thought the Kaplan was extremely easy and the TEAS V was a little more difficult. There's no science on the Kaplan either. Hope this helps!
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    I am thinking about applying, I am currently a student at Santa Fe but I am in another program at the moment and I am not too happy with it. Does anyone know how the schedule for the program is? like how many hours a week? I would appreciate the information because I would like to know if I am able to do it.
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    I have applied to the LPN program but not sure if I will be applying to the RN or not. I would prefer the RN program I am just not sure if I can get in or not. I applied last year and did not get in...
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    You get five extra points for applying the previous year. The application is free. You should go for both!
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    Does anyone one know about the MCB2000 and lab? Previously we had to take MCB2010 and lab so this is what I have. Has it changed or are they substituting it? Also, does anyone know what the lowest number of points were accepted last year?
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    How many points does everyone have? I'd also love to know the minimum points cutoff for last year!
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    You can take MCB2000 or MCB2010 they both will count. MCB2000 is considered an easier version. According to Mr. Fortner, last years cut off point was 67. However, this year it is going to change because of the diverse applicant pool and the different application (different total number of points available)

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