Santa Fe College ASN 2013

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    Anyone else applying to Santa Fe in Florida for 2013?
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    not sure if you are talking about the RN program or LPN program, but i've just applied to the LPN
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    I just wanted to tell you both good luck because I am from Gainesville, but currently live in Va. I know lots of people that have gone through Santa Fe's program, I wish I could have too!
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    i am too
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    I am applying to the RN program!
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    I'm considering applying to Santa Fe, but am waiting to hear back from the accelerated BSN programs I applied to first to see if I need to apply as a back-up. I know the College of Central Florida gives preference to applicants residing In their 'district' which is Marion and a couple other counties. Does Santa Fe do the same for Alachua County residents? Also, I have taken the TEAS V for a couple of my other program options- does anyone know if the Kaplan test is similar in content?
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    Santa Fe doesn't give any extra points for living in Alachua county although most of the scholarships are based off of that. In my experience the TEAS V and Kaplan were completely different. I thought the Kaplan was extremely easy and the TEAS V was a little more difficult. There's no science on the Kaplan either. Hope this helps!
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    I am thinking about applying, I am currently a student at Santa Fe but I am in another program at the moment and I am not too happy with it. Does anyone know how the schedule for the program is? like how many hours a week? I would appreciate the information because I would like to know if I am able to do it.
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    I have applied to the LPN program but not sure if I will be applying to the RN or not. I would prefer the RN program I am just not sure if I can get in or not. I applied last year and did not get in...
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    You get five extra points for applying the previous year. The application is free. You should go for both!