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RN scrub colors

  1. 0 What color scrubs do RN's wear. Do they all wear the same color in every state/city or does it vary?
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    The color and type of uniform varies for each institution.
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    Color and type varies by institution and even by unit. Some places will allow you to wear whatever colors/prints as long as you look professional; others will require to wear only a certain color.
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    I would personally like to get my hands on the person(s) who thought ROYAL BLUE would be a good choice for the nurses in my hospital. ACK! So unflattering - plus I was scarred for life by a royal blue bridesmaid dress once upon a time. Pretty sure I have PTBDD - Post-Traumatic Bridesmaid Dress Disorder..........
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    Oh yeah, does the workplace provide us with scrubs or do we have to buy them ourselves?
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    Hahahahahahaha........... you provide you own unless you work in OR. Sorry - you made me laugh!
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    Lol sorry!