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  1. I got accepted into the Spring 2013 second degree nursing program at Remington and was wondering if anyone would be traveling from California or the west coast. I am debating if I should drive there or fly, but I would prefer to carpool to save on cost. Anyone out there get accepted?
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  3. by   sunrays1981
    Hey, I have applied but probably won't know until 2nd week of Decemeber. I really hope I get in as my backup choice just fell through. I'm from Florida and will be living with my family in Orlando. I would say you would probably want to drive so you have a car and the flexibilty to be somewhere without relying on public transport. I'm not sure how good public trans. is in Lake Mary? Did they give you any specific info on average stats of those accepted? Just curious
  4. by   panga1984

    I spoke to Pam and she advised that its probably better to have a car since there is a lack of public transportation in the Lake Mary area. I don't mind driving there, but it's going to be dangerous to drive by myself from California to Florida. I was hoping there would be others that would like to carpool. As far as the number of students accepted into the program so far, I don't know what it is since it's constantly changing. Per Pam, sometimes up to about 30% of the students accepted decide not to attend Remington. That will give you a better chance.

    I am looking for a place to stay right now so let me know if you know of anything =)

    Good luck!

    You can email me at so I can give you more detailed info on grades, gpas, etcs..

  5. by   vanessa89
    Im in the same boat Sunrays. I live in Orlando already and did not get early decision. I have noticed the applicants that were accepted so far are all from out of state. Makes sense considering we all wouldn't find out until mid December? I am planning on applying to Keiser A.S program as a backup this week out of fear i will not be accepted into Remington. Though, one year BSN would be heartbreaking to miss out on. :-(
  6. by   sunrays1981
    I completely agree. If I didnt get in it would almost be worth it to try again for the summer to still get the BSN...My backup was SPC in St Pete is a no go...over 450 applicants with avg pre-req gpa over 3.7. I was curious about Keiser as it says their ASN has conditions? I assumed it meant you couldnt transfer that to another college to get your BSN, that you would have to get it through them.? Am I right on that?
  7. by   vanessa89
    Nope, i read if you get your ASN with Keiser you can go for your BSN at another institution. Although, im not sure how competitive we would be with a Keiser associates degree when applying to other schools. I read students that attended schools in south Florida to continue on with their BSN. Lets just hope Remington works out!
  8. by   sunrays1981

    Just curious if anyone has received any information from Remington? Pam said we were supposed to get an email confirming our application was complete? Im just freaking out a little.....
    I just hope to find out something sooner then later....
  9. by   vanessa89
    I havent received anything from Remington saying my application was complete ...
  10. by   vanessa89
    Just received my acceptance letter for Remington January 2013 class! Who else has heard back?
  11. by   sunrays1981
    Quote from vanessa89
    Just received my acceptance letter for Remington January 2013 class! Who else has heard back?
    I did my phone interview last week and Pam said the board was meeting on the 5th and letters would get mailed today so hopefully yours was sent earlier because you applied earlier..... Im really freaking out tho....Do you mind me asking your gpa for science course and teas test?
  12. by   vanessa89
    I actually received an email last night with the unofficial acceptance with some attached forms. Im still waiting for my official letter and packet in the mail. My teas was only 78. My science gpa was barely a 3.0. I did apply a long time ago and did the phone interview months ago while still finishing a course. Im sure you will hear back soon! Good Luck, keep us updated. :-)
  13. by   sunrays1981
    I got my email for my acceptance!!!! Beyond excited!!!
  14. by   vanessa89
    Yay so excited but overwhelmed at the same time! See you at orientation! Email me so we can exchange info! vanessa_dangelo@yahoo.con