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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    does anyone know how far Lake Mary is from orlando
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    It is essentially a suburb of Orlando. Maybe 20-30 min from the Orlando Airport.
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    And the school is on a major interstate/freeway in the area that loops Orlando
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    Hey guys,

    Was talking to Kathi Rinker today about the enrollment contract and mentioned that it was cool that they are providing laptops. She indicated that the enrollment contract might be in error regarding the wording of that clause (she seemed shocked) and was going to get with their legal dept. Just FYI...

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    Just heard back from the school...seems I caught an error in the laptops...

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    Hi David,
    What a bad news about laptops. I was so happy to read that we will be receiving one for our program. Now I will be looking to get one from a store like best buy, or circuit city.
    Does anyone know how many students will be started the July cohort?
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    Hey NATO,

    You will probably end up with a better one anyhow. I have a really good one, but will likely not use one in class...I learn better by writing things down. I am sure there are some good study programs that we will learn about. The phone call was really weird...saying there were two versions of the enrollement document old one and a new one and I was one of the few that got the old one by mistake...could be.

    I know they were trying to get a minimum of 20 people in the class but could take as many as thirty before they split into two classes...which is their ultimate start 60 people each term.

    Where do you live etc?


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    Is anyone looking for a roomate. Im moving to the area but needed some options..................send me a private message if you have or know of something. Im happy but im so nervous. Wondering if I made the right decision and If I will be able to keep up.
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    the school is only 12 miles or so from UCF, if you have trouble finding a roomie,you might try there...good luck and looking forward to meeting you soon.

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    hello all! i found nice apartments at Hidden Valley, just a few miles from the school, they are actually like townhouses, with lots of mature trees. around $900 for a 2/2. Check craigslist. They are owned by individuals so you could probably negotiate the rent since people love to rent to nursing students. You have a lot of credibility. When looking for housing and i mention i am a nursing student, they bypass the credit check, lol!

    I got accepted to Remington, but I decided to go to another school. It is only 12k, and 3 semesters long with a long winter and summer break.

    good luck to you all! i really wanted to go to Remington, but I really can't justify the 30k when I can go for 12k.
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    Hey mimsiemendez, and everyone else looking for roomies. I just got my acceptance letter last Saturday, so excited and nervous. I am already overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to get situated just to move out there. I'm from San Francisco (Cali's schools are all so impacted or even more expensive) would love to find one female roommate . I'm F/25/athletic/health conscious/super friendly and easy to get along with (like to have stuff in common with roomies besides the obvious). Let me know if you need a roomie, gonna take roses advice and look into Hidden Valley
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    those of you who are new to the area, let me know and maybe we can meet up for a coffee and those of us local folks can help with any questions to help you get settled.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

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    That sounds great Floridave (very creative with the name by the way). Question: I'm now considering looking at apartments in a community (don't know if that's what it's considered down there) between Lake Mary and Orlando. Do you think that's a good idea? Can you recommend any communities?