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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    Has anybody heard or attended Med-life Institute? they just open a school in Kissimmee, FL, but I cannot find any reviews on this school and they do not take fasfa. Thank you.
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    Has anyone applied for Early Admission for the class starting in January 2013? Have you heard anything?
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    @Soccermang21 I believe the admissions committee met last Wednesday for the early admission applicants. I applied for that as well, and I havent heard anything yet. Let me know if you do!
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    @Pegasus I also applied for early admission at RCON and havent heard anything yet except an email sent to me wednesday from Remington fin aid office saying that they are encouraging me to begin financial aid process early. This email has 2 attachments. Anyone get anything similar? (January 2013)
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    @Vanessa89 I also got that email for the financial aid. I didn't really know what to do with it, so I just left it alone for now. Did you already do the phone interview?
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    @Pegasus. I originally applied for July 2012 cohort and did my phone interview in June. I needed to finish a class so my application rolled over to January 2013. I didn't do anything with the email either considering i still haven't received an acceptance letter. When i opened the attachments they even give us a student id number. Im beyond confused and just hate to wait until December :-/
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    Hi everyone. I applied for the January 2013 start date and I actually got an acceptance letter yesterday. I also got that e-mail from financial aid and starting the process early. Did any one else hear if they were accepted yet for the January term?
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    @Jodihvt. Do you live in Orlando area already? Also, did u also get a second email from fin aid saying " This is not an acceptance just encouraging to begin fin aid process early in the event you are offered an acceptance." (something along those lines). Still havent received an acceptance so just wondering if im stuck waiting another few months to hear anything. Admissions lady emailed me saying im all set to be considered for early admission into January class; at this point im thinking my 77% on Teas was not enough ... any feedback?
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    I do not live in Orlando; I actually live in Vermont . I did not get a second e-mail from financial aid but Pam (in admissions) actually said she was going to send an e-mail "stating it was not an acceptance notice". It is probably because when I got that first e-mail, the day they met, I did forward it back and asked her what it meant (accepted or not?) since I was confused. So I think she thought that others prob were confused with the emails too. In regards tothe TEAS exam I actually got lower than that so I would not stress about that too much. Hopefully you will get your letter soon!!! I know that they were looking at "completed applications" on Wednesday and also some out ofstate applicants with 1 prereq. outstanding (which is what I was). So as long as I pass A&P2, I have a spot.

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