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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    Hey tcamp,

    I am applying for July 2012.

    So far I've been contemplating Remington for about 2 years now. Because they didn't have accreditation, I thought they were "sketch." However, once they received their CCNE accreditation, I was much more inclined to apply to their school as a lower-priority option. Now, after contemplating about three categories of schools (i.e. Graduate entry master's programs in nursing out of state, In state Accelerated BSN programs, and In state accelerated associate programs) I realize that Remington is a great option.

    I visited their school last weekend. Great, small, personable, and accommodating.
    And a great area.
    I got to contact one student currently enrolled and a previous graduate. Both gave me their feedback on the program, structure, and admin. Really quell some of my angst.

    As well, I had to just realize ALL nursing programs will have drop outs, complaints, and have some form of difficulty academically. Point blank.

    I don't think I'll make the April 2nd early decision deadline as I still am waiting on transcripts. However, I hope to get in.
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    I applied to Remington for the early deadline. I am taking the TEAS today, very nervous. Hopefully I get in!!
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    Don't worry about the TEAS I took it without even studying and scored in the 80 percentile for my individual score. It's easier than the ACT or SAT
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    I am planning to apply for early acceptance to Jan. 2013 class. Anyone that's a grad or current student able to tell me what to expect? What are class schedules really like? I am going to be a single mom of 2 at the time and I know it's going to be a challenge to say the least but I am sure I can do anything for a year!
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    I'd love to hear how the TEAS and your acceptance goes!
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    I actually just found out about this school. I'm thinking of applying to the late decision for the July accelerated class. Any thoughts?? Anyone know anything about the school? The low gpa requirement kind of throws me off.
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    Hey akwildone,

    I'm a graduate of Remington, class of January 2012. It was a busy, tough, and stressful year. Thankfully, I don't have any kids, but some of my classmates did and they made it. You won't really have any time off, especially during the first quarter. Plan to be in class 5 days a week, 8-5pm with a clinical mixed in there somewhere. Your nights and weekends will be full of studying. Second quarter is the easiest it seems. You'll have more free time then. Third and fourth quarter are still very busy with classes, clinicals, and studying. You'll also have night shift (7p-7a) clinicals 3rd quarter. This program is not easy by any means, but it is do-able. Make sure you find a very flexible babysitter
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    Quote from samiam856
    I actually just found out about this school. I'm thinking of applying to the late decision for the July accelerated class. Any thoughts?? Anyone know anything about the school? The low gpa requirement kind of throws me off.
    What is it you want to know? It's a real school, accredited, and you'll be a RN in 12 months. They do a good job preparing you to become a nurse. I was able to get a great job out of state even before I took the nclex. I wouldn't put too much thought into the GPA requirement.
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    Hey guys/Remington hopefuls,

    So here's my story: I've been in the transition-to-Nursing mode (career change) for quite some time now, but because of setbacks personally, I've had to reconsider and reconsider and reconsider when and where I go.
    If up to me, I would go anywhere (if money weren't an object. Hello.)

    I visited Remington in March - saw the campus, spoke to the Admissions Director, and got references to a graduate student and a current "senior" student. I found my interaction with the Admissions Office to be VERY pleasant and helpful.

    However, my only concern with the school (as I've already checked it's accreditation, the prospect jobs one can get, and locale) is the money. Now one can say "Take out loans" or Apply to this scholarship program (which is ALL noteworthy and TRUE), but my preference is to not get into so much debt. That nursing scholarship mentioned earlier is a VERY good resource, just be mindful however, that you should have great credit score, and no financial obligation to the government from something else.

    If anyone would like me to email them the Questions and Answers I received from a Current and Previous Student, I'd be more than glad to. Please send me your email via PM.


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