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    Any current/past students of Rasmussen college? I'm hoping to start in January at the Tampa/Brandon location, any comments, reviews or suggestions would be helpful! THanks!
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    I am considering their program too...do you know what the schedule is there? Are you going for RN?
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    The next start is for a full time days schedule, 2 years starting January 3rd. I was really impressed with their campus and program layout. I am going for the RN Associates Degree program.
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    thanks...and what are the hours for the day program?
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    how do i get there?
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    the hours depend on what classes you're taking the first 2 quarters (each quarter is 3 months) at the beginning, you're just doing gen ed, which is 2 or 3 days a week from 8-3 or so. once you start clinicals the hours are about the same. Also, most of the gen ed courses are available online as well, so you can work out a schedule that is best for you.

    They are right at the corner of falkenburg and MLK, you can look it up on googlemaps, but it's really easy to get to. I would definetly check out the website, and get in touch with them, everyone there I've dealt with so far has been awesome. I also looked at Everest, which is on MLK right down the street from Rasmussen, Their program is very similar, but the next start is April, which is a night schedule, 3-11pm.
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    Does anyone have the academic calender (2012) for Rasmussen?
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    Thanks, AACHAVEZ....I am starting Rasmussen in Jan. pending final acceptance...I'm very impressed with the school...can't wait to start!
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    that's awesome renaissanceart! I passed my TEAS yesterday morning, so all I really have left to do is meet with the dean, hopefuly we'll see eachother there! Good luck!