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Guys, What do you know about PSA Healthcare for new graduates? Please tell me the positives and the negatives. I have an interview with them in Florida and I do not know what to think. A staff told me that they pay new... Read More

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    I worked for PSA as a new grad. At the time they offered the peds vent class though you did not get pain to attend. I worked per diem so can't speak of the benefit package. The pay was low at the time for an RN but I did really enjoy the cases I worked on. I like doing 1 on 1 nursing care. As for house cleaning, I was only expected to clean up my work area, I did however help out with folding my patients laundry if I had time. All in all it was a good experience and as a new grad you should take all the experience you can get.
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    Quote from asopko
    i work at the corporate office of psa healthcare. i know these posts are outdated, but we have changed our leadership, both in multiple locations and at a corporate level. we have worked incredibly hard to focus on quality of care and we can't do that without our wonderful nurses. that being said, if any of you are still having experiences like this when interviewing or working at psa, i want to know about it because it is not in the scope of what you should be doing as a home healthcare professional. please private message me, reply back to this comment or contact me via our company website if you encounter any of these issues at a location.
    i'll give an update. i took the job with psa and love it! i had trach and g-tube experience from working in a pediatric tertiary hospital, but no vent experience. i was paid to go to a vent class. i have never been pressured to take an assignment i wasn't completely comfortable with, and have never been asked to do housekeeping or anything else a professional nurse shouldn't be doing. i get to go for 2 paid hours to meet every new patient and family before accepting an assignment. i work when and as much or as little as i want (open shifts allowing, i set my own schedule). i feel very appreciated and valuable, which i never felt in nursing before. yes, i make about $5 dollars an hour less than i would in a hospital, but i have no stress whatsoever and can do the kind of nursing i went to school to do (holistic and family-centered). having only one patient at a time and the support of the office staff means i'm happy to be a nurse again. i'm not sure it's a good idea for new grads, but whatever caused people to think poorly of psa doesn't happen in my area. i plan on staying here until i become a nurse practitioner in a few years. if i didn't want to be a nurse practitioner so badly, i'd probably stay here forever. we do get benefits and accrued pto time, as well as lots of opportunities for continuing education. i'm very happy!
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    Quote from asopko
    someone did send me a private message regarding our florida locations and i apologize, my account is not yet approved to reply to private messages.
    however, the answer to your question is yes, the pay situation in florida is a little better than it was two years ago. however, the issue here is reimbursement rates. there has not been an increase in medicaid rates for 23 years. psa is lobbying state officials in attempts to raise these reimbursement rates. we haven't been successful as of this post, but we continue to push for it.
    i can't send a private message but i do have a question regarding benefits. i am an employee of 3+ years now. can you private message me and i can reply to that?
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    It's possible that laundry and/or cleaning might be on your careplan. Don't be surprised. Check out the private duty forum because there is a discussion on this over there too.
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    Laundry should never be a required task for nurses. Please be sure to let me know if you have been asked or required to do domestic tasks, like laundry or cleaning.
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    Hi all,

    I am looking online at some current job openings out of the PSA Dallas office for private duty positions.

    Thisthread is old, but if anyone has any experience with that office, I would like to hear it. Thanks in advance!

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