Points for FSCJ 2017 - page 2

I've finished with all my prereqs and the hesi. I did did horrible on the hesi, barely passing. I've calculated all possible points and I'm applying to the program with 209.1 points. The max amount... Read More

  1. by   Lmanning09
    Hello everyone!
    I knw im pretty late in the thread but could anyone email me the packet as well! Im taking my last prereq micro and plan to apply for the fall!
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. by   Cayentha
    Can someone email me the application too please? I'm trying to apply for fall 2017. Also how do the "points" work? cayenthap@gmail.com
  3. by   J.Molina
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  4. by   qjr2008
    can someone email me a copy of the point system? qgreen2004@yahoo.com
  5. by   cgarrasi
    How exactly do you calculate your points?
  6. by   cgarrasi
    Did you figure out how the points work?
  7. by   loui84
    Taking hesi soon is anyone know how points is calculated and email me the packet to mee1984286@gmail.com
  8. by   nlemonis12
    Can someone email me the packet as well? I am applying for the spring 2018 program. email is nlemonis12@gmail.com It would be greatly appreciated!
  9. by   perezRN06
    Hello everyone! Can someone please email me the packet also? I have been trying to find how to calculate the points. St Johns has it on their website but I am having a hard time looking for FSCJ's calculation. Also if you have never worked in the medical field does that hurt your chances of getting in? My email is wendylynnx3@gmail.com please and thank you!
  10. by   perezRN06
    Quote from Amelia Banhan
    Its ok, someone emailed me a copy. Thank you for responding. I emailed chance010507 one as well.

    Can you please email me a copy also? wendylynnx3@gmail.com I would really appreciate it!
  11. by   madisonp
    Can someone please send me a packet as well!? My email is madisonn22@att.net