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I've finished with all my prereqs and the hesi. I did did horrible on the hesi, barely passing. I've calculated all possible points and I'm applying to the program with 209.1 points. The max amount of points one can get is 260. Any thoughts or comments from other people who have been accepted and with how many points did you have????? I'm worried I won't get accepted but I'm praying I can barely square in

Marie Agustin

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Being in the 200s is still great...people got in fall2016 around 195 and above


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Thanks. That gives me some relief knowing that

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can email me a nursing application packet? I have been stalking threads trying to see if anyone has a copy of one. If you do, please email it to the following email address gormn@students.fscj.edu. I can't seem to get in contact with anyone from the nursing department. Thank you in Advance.


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I don't have a digital copy. I would just go to any of the campuses and get a hard copy of the application

Its ok, someone emailed me a copy. Thank you for responding. I emailed chance010507 one as well.


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That is a very good score and im sure you will have no trouble getting in! Any advice on the hesi on what to study? I will be taking mine soon and i've been going over everything, but im nervous about the math portion!


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Reading section is pretty easy. When it comes to the math portion make sure you know how to do everything with fractions(add,subtract,multiply and divide).And make sure you're familiar with proportions. I did horrible in the biology part. And last but not least A&P just make sure you know all bodyparts and where everything is at. One question I remember is "where is the stapes, malleus and incus found?" Good luck


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Hi I was wondering if any one could possibly email me the application for the program so I can calculate my points please. I don't know if it's just me but it is very difficult to get a hold of anyone. Thank you to anyone who can and good luck to all of you!! My email is hughcj1@students.fscj.edu


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I am a bit late to the party, but is there anyone here who would be willing to email the packet to me? I cannot find full information regarding FSCJ's admission criteria and I would greatly appreciate it. My email is jordynavalee@me.com . Thank you in advance!

PS GOOD LUCK to everyone!


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I'm thinking of applying for fall 2017. Is anyone able to email me a packet so I can calculate my points? Thanks in advance! acrealese@gmail.com