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Hi all. I am looking into relocating to the Pensacola/Destin area and wanted to start networking with some of you before hand to gain insight into best areas to live, work, schools, etc. I am an LPN... Read More

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    I am interested in this too, as I am a mil spouse heading that way later in the year. I've read horror stories and will be taking a massive pay cut (-$16 less then I currently make)...... I'm almost contemplating doing something other then nursing for the time we are there. Although Florida is a beautiful state and I am looking forward to the warmer climate, this is really going to axe our budget and lifestyle.

    Any difficulties for experienced nurses finding work?
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    As a new grad, I know pay is around $20-21/hr plus any shift diffs. (Hospital jobs). Pay in the area is low... And I don't think the cost of living is much less than other areas. I just moved from SW florida, and its no cheaper to live here. It is beautiful, and I do love it here! It's tough to get a job as a new grad... Not sure about exp'd nurses.
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    MrsP, do you know about how much LTCs pay?
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    I don't know about LTC. I know I applied to every open position in LTC and never got a single call.
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    Hi MrsP, RN. I'm also looking for a job here in pensacola. I applied to several hospitals and nursing homes and still got no call from them. How's your job-searching? Are you employed now as nurse?
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    Are you an RN? What type of position are you looking for? I know baptist is hiring...
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    psychRNflorida As a new grad I am having a tough time finding an entry level position-does Baptist hire new grads?
    I am trying to be proactive and get my info out there. . . it's not been easy. Good luck to the re-locators. I couldn't imagine living anywhere other than the beautiful gulf coast.
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    I am working at a hospital - and it took me about 3 months to get a job after I started looking. There are plenty of positions at all 3 major hospitals, if you have experience. I feel lucky I got the position I did as a new grad about a year ago. I'm now a charge nurse and learning so much! Pay is low for the area, but I'm happy where I am!
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    I'm moving back to Pensacola next year and will be looking for a new grad job. Do any of the local hospitals have residency programs for new BSN grads? I'm going to google that but wanted to post here too.
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    Do any Pensacola area hospitals have unions?
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