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Hi all. I am looking into relocating to the Pensacola/Destin area and wanted to start networking with some of you before hand to gain insight into best areas to live, work, schools, etc. I am an LPN... Read More

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    All those apartments you listed are older apartments and the arbours on sonnyboy lane is directly in the "hood", along with wellington arms. I would say that briarwood on olive rd is the nicest out of that selection you posted. As well as jasmine creek on 9mile rd. It's worth it to spend a little more and live in a nicer side or town and a nicer apt.

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    Lost the post when the data loss occured so gonna bump it up again. Still looking at moving my son just graduated and my daughter graduates in June 13. Any info anyone has on pay rates, if there are jobs to be had, what are the best places to apply, anything at all ! Please share!
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    Since this post is now very old - I wanted to ask if anyone in this post relocated to Pensacola?? I recently moved here and am having trouble finding a job. Any advice??
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    I am interested in this too, as I am a mil spouse heading that way later in the year. I've read horror stories and will be taking a massive pay cut (-$16 less then I currently make)...... I'm almost contemplating doing something other then nursing for the time we are there. Although Florida is a beautiful state and I am looking forward to the warmer climate, this is really going to axe our budget and lifestyle.

    Any difficulties for experienced nurses finding work?
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    As a new grad, I know pay is around $20-21/hr plus any shift diffs. (Hospital jobs). Pay in the area is low... And I don't think the cost of living is much less than other areas. I just moved from SW florida, and its no cheaper to live here. It is beautiful, and I do love it here! It's tough to get a job as a new grad... Not sure about exp'd nurses.
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    MrsP, do you know about how much LTCs pay?
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    I don't know about LTC. I know I applied to every open position in LTC and never got a single call.
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    Hi MrsP, RN. I'm also looking for a job here in pensacola. I applied to several hospitals and nursing homes and still got no call from them. How's your job-searching? Are you employed now as nurse?
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    Are you an RN? What type of position are you looking for? I know baptist is hiring...
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    psychRNflorida As a new grad I am having a tough time finding an entry level position-does Baptist hire new grads?
    I am trying to be proactive and get my info out there. . . it's not been easy. Good luck to the re-locators. I couldn't imagine living anywhere other than the beautiful gulf coast.

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