PBSC Spring 2012 hopefuls

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    Hi everybody (well at least everyone that reads this )

    I just wanted to see if there's anyone out there looking to start this Spring?

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    I am! I hoped to enter the fall 2011 program, but experienced a setback involving Chemistry. I'm at the point where I just want to begin! I'm really hoping the point threshold is not too high - I've heard that it's usually lower for the spring program but I don't know how valid that is.
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    I've heard the same thing but I guess it would come down to who has applied. I planned on applying in the fall but I did not attend the info session or take the nln. I'm just waiting for them to update the information online for the application and HESI.
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    Hi there--I'm also a Spring 2012 hopeful. I do have everything done except for the Human Development course and taking the HESI (which I know nothing about--anyone?). Good luck to all!
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    They dont have much info available. In the info session they did mention the book can be found on amazon (and maybe the bookstore). Will you be taking Human Development in the fall? I wanted to take Pharm but there all full
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    PBSC posted more information on the HESI just to keep you updated.
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    Thanks for the update! I'm going to CLEP Human Growth and Development--got the study guide from Amazon. I'm going to take Statistics this fall so I think I'll have my hands full with that class and working FT!
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    Did you register for the HESI I stayed at the school the whole day on the 15th all the seats are taken now. Hope you got a seat. I got the HESI review book but I'm worried about the Grammar section that has always been my weakness and I'm so excited that Physics in not part of the test.
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    FYI - some seats have been opening up over the past couple days, particularly at the Lake Worth campus. I nabbed one yesterday.
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    Thanks Camibu! I will keep checking online--is that how u did it or did u actually have to go down to the school? I'm in Stuart so a bit hard to just run down there to check...

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