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Hi everyone!! I probably am jumping the gun by posting this already but im to excited and just can't believe im finishing up my last semester of pre reqs for the program. I take my HESI on Feb 16th. Anyway I just wanted to... Read More

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    teeramisuu did u talk to anybody about it yet?
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    Yey!!! I got my points
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    Now everyone has their points!!! OMG let us find out already!! lol
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    My points too!!! Nothing for the information yet! 25.73
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    Quote from Manditg
    Now I'm really freaking out!! No points yet!
    Maybe you guys turned yours in the last day, I think that was the 4th right? Perhaps now they're getting done with those last applications. I think it's going to be a fat chance we will find out today...
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    Yay!!! Maybe we will know tomorrow. I'm doubtful about today even though they could do it...
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    Everyone keep n eye out for acceptance/ denials!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes!!! I think today maybe unlikely, but tomorrow seems promising! Fingers crossed for hearing news tomorrow!
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    Felicia, Last round for nursing acceptance/denials did everyone find out at the same time, or was it like the points being posted and everyone finds out at different times? and does the limited access application change immediately too or email is first?
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    Soooo nervous!!!