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Hi everyone!! I probably am jumping the gun by posting this already but im to excited and just can't believe im finishing up my last semester of pre reqs for the program. I take my HESI on Feb 16th. Anyway I just wanted to... Read More

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    Quote from mjmommy23
    Well there is no part time program for this deadline...its only us. BSN applications aren't even due until July 1st!! So I have hope but I just don't understand how it could take so long.
    awh man!!!!!! Lol but maybe it's because they have to change all the chemistry pending ones and that tales time on top of the other applications they still have to process

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    Lol it could be anything. For all we know she could be taking her sweet precious time...or maybe she was sick and called out. We will never know!!
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    Hi again

    My first post got deleted, but I just wanted to reintroduce myself to all of you! I hope all of us get in as well, I feel like I'm going slightly insane waiting for this decision. You all are a great support system to one another though and I hope to join in. I'm afraid that if this decision doesn't come soon I'll have pulled out all my hair lol
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    Shes probably just taking her time. Think about it, they told us 3weeks...three weeks from june 4th (actual deadline) will be monday the 25th. If it was my job, and they told me i had 3weeks to get it done, im NOT rushing myself...esp if i have to do it twice a year and for the bachelors program lol. We will hear next week no worries
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    Do you all think denials and acceptances will be sent out the same day?
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    If it gets too close to the end of the month I think so! They have done it before and if they aren't telling us this thursday it looks like that will be the case.
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    Yeah I feel like we'll find out next Thursday, but it would be lovely if we found out on Monday, but I think that's asking for too much
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    If only every ones points would post today...that would be nice!!
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    Quote from mjmommy23
    If only every ones points would post today...that would be nice!!
    I know right!!
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    I'm just waiting to see if my application was complete!.. Lol I've become obsessed with checking for ANYTHING, so I told myself that I'm not checking until Monday since that's when Latisha said I would see my points at the earliest. Try to enjoy your weekend ladies because when you get in your going to wish you could enjoy them lol
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