Pay for new RN grad with LPN experience in Jacksonville, Florida?

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    Does anyone know what the Jacksonville, FL hospitals currently pay new RN grads? What about new RNs with LPN experience?
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    Moving to FL Nursing Forum.
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    I don't know how much more you would get paid for LPN experience but starting salary at the different hospitals ranges from $19 to $25 per hour. Baptist pays the least and Shands pays the most.
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    I am a new grad RN as well, and have 6yrs LPN experiance. We are moving to Jax sometime between Aug and Sept. I applied to the new grad RN program at Mayo but was told they always are flooded with apps, but only a couple positions really open. Talked to nurse recruiter at shands, they will only hire new grads (regardless of lpn exp we are considered NEW) twice a year, may and march and VERY hard to get in there because it's a Union. St. Vincent was more promissing, but only if they have Tele or med-surg open, and again flooded with apps. Was told that there are 19 RN programs in the greater area and they all graduated/licensed recently...uggghhh I may just look at some LTC's for the time being when I get there. I'll even go back to night shift if i have to....even the Navy base and the Naval air station Jax isn't hiring right now. I tried to do a GS transfer from the army post here in KY and it was a no-go! Was told if willing to go to Gainsville i'd find something with VA hospital though...can't live that far from family though so don't know what i'm going to do!!!!
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    you may want to consider the VA in Gainesville then wait for something to open up in Duval. Three times a week to gainesville is not all that bad. Just do off base housing.