Orlando Tech (LPN Program)

  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has attended this school for the LPN program. Did you like it? What was the hardest part?? Is it possible to have a normal life while trying to become an LPN??? Im exited about the program but have sooo many questions and would love to have answers from someone that has attended this school??!!...thank you!
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  3. by   Jaysof2
    I went to Orlando Tech, graduated 2008. Very good program, well prepared. School is a little disorganized, but worth it. LPN school is stressful, but doable. I had a 4 month old and 1 year old when I started. It's not really hard, they just pile so much on you. Any questions feel free to ask.
  4. by   mkup29
    OMG im glad i found someone!! Well i also have 2 kids they are 3 and 5 which will both start school this fall. My plan was to attend the LPN while my kids are in school but at the orientation today i was told that the next full time day class doesnt start till January...so Im thinking of doing the HUC program which is 4 months starting in August to try out how this schedule would work. The counselor told me that I can sign up for both and turn in both packets. If the HUC seems hard enough then i probably wont attend the LPN im glad you told me you have kids it makes it seem more "do-able" lol. I have seen other students on here or LPN's that attended school without working or kids and they sayd it was hard...this scared me, but im glad that there are people out there that have about the same life status as i do. My hat goes off to you for finishing school!! COngrats!...what was the hardest part of the program for you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  5. by   Jaysof2
    Now I need some info on the lpn to rn bridge program. Well I don't know what u want to hear. I would love to help in anyway. If nursing is interesting to you, it shouldn't be that bad. Just study, study. Juggling time was a little difficult. Don't be discouraged! Best year I've invested. Now if I could only get into the rn program...
  6. by   mkup29
    yea thanx...i guess if i study study study i should be fine...im wondering how the program works...like is it bookwork then hands on, when do they do the clinicals...etc. Like whats the "normal" day. Have you tried Valencias LPn ro RN program? I think if you have your LPN you can finish your RN in 1 year. Try this link http://valenciacc.edu/departments/we...ndingTrack.cfm
    It should take you straight to that info page.
  7. by   Jaysof2
    Thanks for that info. I know all about the LPN to RN bridge at SCC and VCC. I applied for the program, but was not selected. Kinda bummed me out, I'm okay now. Will just try for the next session. The LPN program depends on what part of school you are in. Towards the middle, you do clinicals 2-3 days a week, then the other days you do lecture. Go for it!
  8. by   mkup29
    sorry to hear that. Was there a long waiting list? Well thanks for that info, i cant wait to start but i still havent taken my TEAS entrance exam im waiting for the study guide in the mail. Once i study it front to back i will take the test before it gets too full
  9. by   Jaysof2
    Good luck on the TEAS. There wasn't a waiting list. They let only 24 students in per semester. My gpa isn't that great. I fooled around a little in the beginning of college. I have an AA at Valencia with only a 2.99/3.0. And my TEAS score isn't that great. I'm stressed. Feel like I'm going to be an LPN forever!
  10. by   mkup29
    I know what you mean i got my A.S. through VCC also and i can relate to that! but whats wrong with being an LPN??? have you worked as one yet or you wanted to go straight to the RN program???
  11. by   vanessam1
    hi, I am also trying to go to orlando tech for evening classes... but i am worried on how juggle my day job and school... Its been years since I have been in school. I trying to figure out if its better to there or to vcc? how many times are you allowed to take TEAS test... grrrr
  12. by   mkup29
    hey im not sure how many times your allowed to retake the teas test. I loved VCC while i was there but for nursing theres a looooooon waiting list i think even 2 years plus u have to take prerequisites (which might take u 2 yrs to complete) anywho...ive seen a lot of posts here saying that u shouldnt wrk full time while going to nursing school just because of the workload...but there have been LOTS of ppl who still do it and manage to finish just fine it might just b a little struggle but do-able Let me know if you get in the program!!!
  13. by   Jaysof2
    I've worked as an LPN since I graduated 2008. So almost 2 years. I really like my current job, but feel like I'm not learning as much as I can. Anyways I will just keep trying. Let me know how it goes. Any other questions, I would love to answer...
  14. by   CNAtoLPNtoRN
    Was it hard to find a job as a LPN? I'm currently in the LPN program at O Tech. It's super unorganized. We never know what room we're going to be in and most of the day is spent studying or doing "busy work". Apparently we have to be in class to clock the hours. I'm just looking at it as a way to get into the Valencia RN program and get a job faster.