New Graduate Nurse Residency Program at University of Miami Health System?

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    I'm looking to hear from anyone who had any information about the residency program at UM Health System. I cannot find any information on their website, but found a quick blurb about it through an outside search via Google.

    If anyone has done it, or knows anything about it at all (when does it start, hiring afterwards, how long, etc), I would greatly appreciate it!

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    I am positive they have one, but you should call the nurse recruiter in HR to talk with them. Most of those new grad programs start at the same time a few times a year, generally a few months after graduation. But I would call to verify everything and to inquire about what departments are hiring.
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    Call them.
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    does anyone know if th[color=#005030]e new graduate nurse residency program at umh only hires current umh students?

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