New grad help/ How did you land your first job in FL

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    Hello everyone.
    I recently took my NCLEX and passed. Graduated December 2013 with and Associates degree. I applied before I graduated and have bumped up the amount of applications per day now that I have a license. I have no health care experience, minimal volunteer experience and 1 seasonal job that lasted 3 months.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has any advice about getting jobs here in South Florida. If you know any places that are new grad friendly please point me in the right direction. I do come from a family of nurses so one of my relatives are trying to put in a good word for me at a hospital which will hopefully lead to at least an interview. I have also been offered a home health job per diem to see some patients mostly diabetics etc which I will be starting shortly. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I was told Mount Sinai are new grad friendly they have a open house every first tuesday of the month. I know someone who went and got hired right away!
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    Thank you so much for your reply Jen_Jen88 and the advice. Awesome!

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