Moving to Pensacola

  1. Hello Everyone
    Moving to Pensacola Fl next January.
    I'll be graduating in an Lpn-Rn bridge program here in Ohio in December this year and I will apply for license in Fl. I've been an LPN since 2005. Graduated and worked in Florida until 2009.
    Just curious about how is the life of an RN in Pensacola these days. What is the pay, job options, work environment like staffing, work politics etc.
    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   skipper0514
    Anyone from Pensacola?
  4. by   jvanwoman
    I am moving to Pensacola in January, as well. Too bad you haven't had any responses from any nurses in the area, yet, because I am curious about all of the same questions you have.