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Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list... Read More

  1. by   anxiouslyhopeful
    I agree that the avg seems higher, but that's what an advisor told me. Sometimes I think they don't give out accurate info until after they're done accepting students for the term.
  2. by   LouVellie
    Yeah its crazy. I would have scored better if I would have studied english composition. I could not tell you the difference between an adverb and adjective for the life of me. But I would say that with any competitive score in the 80's is good. The girl that took it with me had a 4.0 GPA and scored an 88.9 on TEAS and she was nervous. I said, "Get out of here with that, you have nothing to worry about unless they lose your application."
  3. by   Raynay12
    Hello everyone: I applied for all program options for spring 2013, but my first choice is the bridge FT. I also applied at BC, and will apply to pbsc if they accept my chm 2045.
  4. by   nursea92
    Hey Raynay12. The bridge FT is also my first choice. Good luck =)
  5. by   joshsc
    Just heard back from Advisement and according to them, the GPA used is "AS MY INST CUM PRO" which is your natural science GPA.
    That includes the following classes:

    They also said "The admission emails will start to go out to students' MyMDC accounts sometime in October. "
  6. by   gsamanez
    Well this is my story i have a gpa of 3.57 and my teas score is 83.....anyways the only thing that worries me is the background check because i have a felony of burglary unoccupied of dwelling =disposition withhold adjudication meaning im not convicted ....and 1 misdeamenor for possesion of marijuana -20 grams = disposition withhold adjudication meaning im not convicted, this records are 6 years old. I need opinions ...? I tried to expunged it but according to the state of florida you cannot expunge burlary unnoccupied of dwelling, but i could expunge the misdeamenor.....anyways you guys think i have chance..? I already tried calling the nursing board and they told me, they cant give me a straight answer, in other words they told me to risk it. I need opinions if anybody knows somebody who succeeded with a record..please let me know....i made a mistake when i was 19, now im 25........i just wanna be succesfull in life
  7. by   joshsc
    Hi there,

    I can't give you any answers, but when I got my real estate license, I was told to be completely honest when disclosing anything (not that I had anything to disclose). It's possible that you may have to make an appeal and be able to explain where you were and where you are. Maybe you could ask an adviser or even professor how that process works for someone in your case. As it stands now, my recommendation would be to go ahead and prepare that appeal to be ready. Since I don't know how the process works, you can take what I've said with a grain of salt. I wish you luck and which ever way this goes for you, don't give up and don't go back. You've made some great accomplishments and you should be proud and continue progressing and building yourself a prosperous life.

  8. by   ab_ao
    not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but looking back on the 'MDC Spring 2012' thread I saw that acceptance e-mails started going out Oct 21. I guess we should hear something around the same time as well?

    can't wait to find out
  9. by   joshsc
    Yea, that's probably about right. I'm already reading one of the pharmacology books just in case.
    I hate waiting.. It would be so nice to know if I'll have to wait another year
    I'll be on vacation around the 21st so if the notices go out then, I won't know until the 29th.
  10. by   yaimifutureRn
    Hi Everyone,
    I am so nervous im stressed and anxious...... I want to be in nursing school already... I hope we are notified soon.. I hate to wait... Who else applied to the Part time generic??
  11. by   gsamanez
    thanks guys
  12. by   Elain7
    I'm sure you will do great. I was admitted last semester for the part time program and never received my admission letter. I went over there to see what had happened and no one knew. So I had to reapply for Spring
  13. by   Elain7
    I was really angry! But there is a purpose for all things.