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Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list from previous students, please... Read More

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    Quote from joshsc
    Hi Karol,

    Sorry you didn't do as well as you hoped. If you don't get in and retake the TEAS, I STRONGLY recommend purchasing the ATI practice tests online and the ATI study guide.

    And yes, I agree the science SUX!!!!! I just retook it also (scored a 72 which was lower than my first time) because of the science and math (which was more difficult the second time). Plus, the computers all messed up for everyone (breaking our concentration).

    Yes, there's lots of chemistry which is unfortunate. Good luck on getting in.


    Thank you Josh and i did purchase the ATI book and practice online exams. i will be studying a portion a day so come test day again and i should be able to score higher. I also purchase a biology book just in case i get biology questions again i can have a fresh mind on that subject and do better with those questions. i am a mother of two and my kids are young so who knows it might not be my time now but hopefully soon it will be. one thing is that i wont give up my dreams of becoming a nurse

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    Study the ATI book carefully. Regarding the science part, review mitosis and meiosis. Brush up on chemistry — make sure you understand the periodic table and bond types. Try to get a reasonable amount of sleep in the days before the test.

    I didn't do the ATI on-line tests (the ones you have to purchase), but some people highly recommend them.
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    Thanks for pointing that out Cold Stethoscope...there's no such thing as luck in getting in by the way, it's all about the score and such, we're all taking our chances anyway, coz if not, better wait for another term or find another nursing school for that matter ;-)
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    Today is the last day for turning in applications. Everyone here is all set to October when acceptance packets start to be mailed. Hoping to get the thicker mail that contains to-do lists and not the thin one that tells you try it again next year...
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    Application deadline was Sept. 1 according to MDC website. Medical Center Campus - Nursing Department "The application deadline for Fall term is May 1st. The application deadline for Spring term is September 1st. "
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    No question to that buddy, but the advisement made a poster announcement outside its office that due to the holiday, they were moving the due date from Sept.1st to the far as I'm concerned...
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    Ahh.. ok. didn't see that.
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    I hate this waiting...
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    How's everyone doing? Have you talked with others that have applied for spring? Anybody know how many people applied?
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    I have no idea. It would be nice to know where we stand.

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