Miami Dade College (MDC) Spring 2013 Gen. FT/PT& Accelerated Nursing program - page 11

Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list from previous students, please... Read More

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    Yes exactly. Those are the only courses that count. And I hope so too, best of luck!

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    When I use my AS MY INST CUM PRO GPA I score an 83.8 total score. Dont know why its different though.
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    Hi fellow future nurses!! Just want to wish everyone good luck as the dates of middle october approach. My advisor to whom i submitted my application back in July told me we should all defenitely know by Halloween. Im SOOOO excited and nervous to say the very least. Good luck to all!!
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    I'm bouncing off walls here waiting. OMG I wish I could just find out already.

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    I know! This wait is killing me. Is MDC the only school you applied to joshsc?
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    Yes, it is. I haven't taken nutrition and statistics so couldn't apply to FIU or UM or Barry - I can't afford Keiser ..or UM LOL.

    If for some reason I don't make it, I"ll take those two classes and apply to FIU for the BSN program
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    Hi guys im on the same boat here im so stressed and nervous!! I only applied to MDC partime generic
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    Whats the uniform now at MDC? Did they get rid of those all white uniforms finally?

    Im taking nutrition and statistics this semester online. I highly recommend taking these classes online. They are easy and you only have to show up to take the midterm at the testing center. Every other test and assignment is online.
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    I think the uniforms are all green now. If I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure. I'm tired of the white too!
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    Yeah the uniforms are all hunter green.

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