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I'm a student at MDC and am hoping to become a nurse practioner. I have been accepted into MDC generic entry level nursing program for nursing as well Nova;s BSN program. I'm unsure as to which I... Read More

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    It's five semesters so if you start in January of 2012 you'll be an RN (with an associates) by like April or May 2013.
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    Wait what?? MDC no longer has the Baptist Scholar program???? It's still on their website. I'm confused
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    congratz npachon! That's great news!
    When I had applied, they had told me that they did not offer it but I think now they only offer it once a year instead of two. Sorry for any confusion!
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    It depends with Baptist if they need any nurses or if they have the money. But they only offer this scholarship as far as I know every Spring for MDC ADN Generic Full time. I am in the program right now got accepted Spring 2012.
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    Moved to FL Nursing Programs forum for increased discussion.
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    The Baptist Scholars Program IS still in existence, as of Spring 2012. It's offered for MDC students starting the ADN fulltime generic program (no accelerated, no part-time, no transitional) in the Spring Semester only, not fall. Baptist also offers the program to Barry and Nova BSN students. Baptist will decide how many to take based on need. Right now there are 29 in the MDC program. No one can say what their plans are for 2013, but there's no reason to expect that the Baptist Scholarships won't be available for the coming spring as well. Hope this helps!
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    The MDC generic is 5 semesters? On the web it says that it's 4. Does this mean that they don't hold classes over summer semester, only during fall and winter semesters?