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Hello Future Nurses out there, I have been accepted into the part-time RN program at MDC to begin in the spring (January 2012). I'm reaching out to anyone interested in collaborating in a thread that is geared towards MDC... Read More

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    Thanks for the info guys. I will take a look at the Littman.
    As for shoes I havent gotten mine yet. I looked at a pair of white sneakers but I havent tried them on yet. I want something comfortable but not to

    Has anyone started reading yet? I have my fundies book but I only started a few pages in the infection control chapter that someone recommended.

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    Also, remember that the gentleman in charge of the MDC bookstore mentioned reading Ch. 15 through 18 during orientation. I did start reading, I just finished Ch. 16.

    Yes, I also read somewhere that pre-reading Ch. 34 (Infection control) was recommended. Happy reading!
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    Yep Thanks will do!
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    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Does anyone have Dr Alvarez? She emailed the syllabus with all the books listed. I am wondering if we will have to bring ALL those books to every class???????????????? They dont all fit in my bookbag so if we have to bring them all i will have to get a bigger bag.

    If anyone knows can you let me know

    Thanks a bunch
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    I don't know and was wondering the same myself...
    I do have a rolling bag, but I still don't plan to take all the "required" books tomorrow. I'll wait and see what she says about the books that are needed for that class.

    See you tomorrow!!!
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    hey everyone, congrats! did you all take all of your pre-reqs before applying or were you enrolled in the last of them when you sent your application in. I want to do this PT program, but if it means waiting around for another year while I finish my pre-reqs I might as well get my LPN (have the pre-reqs done) then bridge to the RN.

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