MDC Spring 2012 Part Time Program

  1. Hello Future Nurses out there,
    I have been accepted into the part-time RN program at MDC to begin in the spring (January 2012).

    I'm reaching out to anyone interested in collaborating in a thread that is geared towards MDC Part Time RN students who will begin in Spring 2012. It seems like our class will be the first Part Time class starting in the spring. So, we're already making our first mark...

    Here's hoping that we can start "meeting" each other here, pick each other's brain, encourage each other in preparing for this most exciting journey!

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  3. by   P_Funk
    I'm amazed to see that none of the part-timers has jumped on this thread yet.... hmm... idk maybe their busy...

    btw, I was accepted into the full-time program at mdc for spring 2012... :rckn:

    Congrats on your acceptance and taking your time to open this thread!!!

    I'm sure they'll all migrate to your forum when it gets coser to your orientation day!!!
  4. by   Mwen
    Hi there P Funk,
    I'm wondering the same thing myself... Hmmm... We'll see! I heard that the Spring Part Time program for 2011 was canceled... Sure hope Spring 2012 doesn't get canceled too! That would drive me crazy!! :uhoh21:

    Congratulations! It'll be tough, but we'll all get through it!
  5. by   Chanel360
    Hi there!

    I was just accepted to the PT Nursing Program for Spring-2012...

    Congratulations to you on your acceptance as well.
  6. by   Mwen
    Hi Chanel360,
    and on your acceptance!

    Isn't it so exciting to know that you're just one step closer to doing what you really want to do, yet so nerve-racking when you hear/read all the stories of how intense the program is?? Hopefully in the PT program, we'll have a little more time to assimilate the material at a slightly slower pace...

    I applied to the PT program only because I have to work (9 to 5), take care of kids, home, etc. So, it'll be a lot to juggle, but I'm already starting to get everybody at home in check and learn how to become self sufficient...

    Kudos to you and hope to "see" you here and around on campus! Just a few more days until orientation!
  7. by   Chanel360
    Hi Mwen,

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I am very excited. Just the other day, as I woke up, I yelled "OMG!! I'm going to be a nurse!!!" HaHa!! As for my nerves, I don't think they've kicked in, yet. They prob will, but on the day of class. Haha! I hope this program's pace allows you to juggle everything. I'm confident it will, just stay positive and determined! BTW, would you happen to know what the schedule would be like for us part-timers?
  8. by   Mwen
    Chanel 360,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

    For the first semester, I looked up the courses a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like we have classes two nights a week (Tues and Wed, I think?) from 6 to 7:30pm and Saturday from 10 to 4:15pm. Of course, it might change...
  9. by   Mwen
    Start Reading:

    I have been in touch with a PT MDC student who started in Fall 2011 and a friend of mine who just graduated from BCC. Recommendations from both:

    Nursing Fundamentals Reviews and Rationales by Mary Ann Hogan
    Fundamentals Success by Nugent & Vitale

    And if you already have your Fundies book, start reading it too! I'm waiting for orientation before I buy my Fundies book (want to be sure of the edition they'll be using for Spring).
  10. by   Chanel360
    You know, one of the nurses at work, recommended that I start reading any med-surg book..Do you have any recommendations on where these books that you've just recommended could be purchased (affordability is key). As for the encouragement, you're more than welcome. Positive energy is important for us, and for those who will be joining us.
  11. by   Mwen
    I ordered them from Amazon. It's a bit hard finding these types of books used and in good enough condition. Amazon is definitely cheaper than the school bookstore!

    The med-surg book is probably a good idea, but we have Fundamentals the first two semesters so I'd focus on the Fundamentals reading first then move on to the others...

    OK. I'm out! Trying to enjoy as much as I can of my week-end nights until January...
  12. by   Lynn12
    Hi for all of you who were already accepted. Can you give me some pointers on passing the Teas test and does anyone still have the Teas study guide and want to sell it. I am going to apply for the summer term. Does anyone mind telling me what their GPA was?
  13. by   Chanel360
    Hi Lynn12,

    Well, as for me, I feel that the TEAS book gives you a great idea, overall, of what this entrance exam to the nursing program will encompass. I would brush up on math. The book (TEAS), gives you perfect examples of questions that will be on the test (i.e. fractions, percentages, algebra, basic addition/subtraction, etc). Reading Comprehension is another area of concentration (finding the main idea, what's an opinion, etc). Grammar is pretty self explanatory. You should be able to identify proper sentence structure, spelling and the proper use of words in sentences. As for science, well, that a whole another beast. You'll see questions pertaining to the field of microbiology (cell structures), chemistry (balancing an equation), anatomy & physiology and scientific reasoning.

    My G.P.A. for the program was a 3.8.

    My suggestion is to do good on your sciences, since MDC will be looking at your overall GPA on these courses.
  14. by   Mwen
    Hi Lynn12,
    Chanel360 nailed it! I did purchase the TEAS study guide and found it helpful to review science as I took A&P/Micro/Chem >10 years ago!!!

    My GPA was 3.5 and TEAS score 89%. Your sciences GPA is important (40%) but a strong TEAS score (60%) is extremely helpful.

    Also, when you apply, apply for multiple programs (i.e. FT, PT, etc) as long as you know you will be able to attend either when you get accepted. Your chances of being accepted depends on the applicant pool for the program(s) you applied for, so if your overall score (GPA + TEAS) is not so great and there is a strong applicant pool for the FT, maybe you'll stand a better chance with the applicant pool for the PT, vice versa. I didn't find that out until after I applied for the PT program only, but I could only attend the PT program anyway...

    Hope this helps!