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Hi everyone, I am done with all my prerequisites and looking forward to applying to MDC Rn program this fall. I'll be taking the Teas Test soon and I am just soo nervous. Has anyone taken it yet?... Read More

  1. by   kro90
    Quote from Stephaniefuturenurse

    &&& I am sure you will do fine, actually my GPA is the same as yours, I took everything and I promise I never bought a book for any class, so I got B's and my A's are in Microbiology ( which I loved) and Anatomy 2 lab lol So lets just score really high and get in, trust me I've cried all week because of how scared I am and as long as we are prepared everything will be okay
    Yeah you are right, we need to be prepared and get that high score. Good luck Im thinking about applying to Broward College too Just in case I Don't get accepeted at MDC!! Is Just that I need to apply as a student first, send My transcripts blah blah so I'll be doing that after I take the teas!!! Good luck with the HESI too
  2. by   kro90
    Hi stephanie

    How did You do on your test?? I hope You got a good score I turned in my app yesterday I do not have a high competitive score but I decided to give it a try. The advisor told me they'll be sending the letters mid-June.
  3. by   kro90
    Anyone here applying to Broward College program????
  4. by   krystalleona
    Anyone starting in fall interested in buying the Miami-Dade Curriculum for $25? I cant remember what I paid for it, I know it was a ridiculous amount. But I just finished the program and have no use for it. It is still like new kept together in a huge binder.
  5. by   EMMUNOZ
    Anyone gotten any new info? I just did the cpr class, and I'm dying of anxiety.
  6. by   kro90
    Hi emmunoz!!

    I know this waiting is crazy!!! All I've heard and read from other posts is that we should be hearing from them at the end of June :/ so I guess there's nothing we can do but wait!!!
  7. by   craj
    Hello everyone, I think that acceptance emails were sent out today. I just received mine. Good luck to you all!

    Here is the email and a link that they provided me which explains the steps to be completed to finalize your admission. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect. Hope it helps.

    Accelerated - Admission Information - Miami Dade College

    "Congratulations on your provisional acceptance to the Fall (August) 2012 Accelerated Option for the School of Nursing. We are pleased that you have chosen Miami Dade College - School of Nursing to embark upon your nursing career. While enrolled in the program it is our desire that your educational experience be a rewarding and successful one.
    This provisional acceptance is pending satisfactory completion of the entire entrance requirements listed within the School of Nursing Admissions website. Please note that to reserve you seat, you MUST SUBMIT your RESPONSE FORM to the New Student Center at the Medical Campus (room 1113) prior to Friday, June 22, 2012 at 4:30 PM. You must submit all of the other items listed in that website by Friday, July 6, 2012.
    Background screenings can be completed prior to or on the same day as your scheduled orientation at the Medical Campus, but remember that you MUST schedule an appointment ahead of time. Visit the nursing admission website for more information on scheduling background screening.
    If at any moment you have any questions, please contact your program assistant, *************** .
    We look forward to seeing you at orientation."
  8. by   craj
    BTW, I was accepted to all 3 options but will be accepting the accelerated option, so that means an additional spot for each of the other two options will become available.

    I know historically people ask about the GPA/TEAS score so they can have an idea. I had a 4.0 GPA / 93 TEAS.

    I wish each and everyone one of you a bright and successful future. Look forward to studying and working with you. God bless