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are there any current students enrolled in mcfatter's lpn program? can you pretty please give any information? 1. how much time have you dedicated to the program, are you wrking? 2. does the... Read More

  1. by   Hmmc4
    Hi Praying01,
    Orientation went well. We start Core tomorrow. How are classes going for you?
  2. by   Praying01
    Quote from Hmmc4
    Hi Praying01,
    Orientation went well. We start Core tomorrow. How are classes going for you?

    Het how are you?
    classes are going o_O lol
    how about core?
  3. by   Praying01
    Quote from tricia1017
    Hi Praying01! are u attending the evening session at McFatter? Coz im thinking of doing the evening program too PLUS people have told me that the night teachers are "way more nicer" than the Am teachers --they yell less? Any truth to this? Also, are you in block 1? If so, do you know when block 2 PM sched is supposed to start? Thanks
    Evenings are Mon-Thurs 2pm-10pm. Its still the same readings and lectures but because its evening I do feel a little more relaxed than the day students I meet. I'm still in Block 1 till Dec. 8th. Block 2 starts on the 12th of Dec
  4. by   Nickymad1
    Hey Hmmc4
    You know I still don't know who you are!!!! lol I am assuming that you are in class with me and i have asked a few about this blog and I have had no luck! I sit in the row in the middle on the second to last table in front of John.

    By the way what do you think about the bathing lab on Monday? I am a bit put of by it, the class is so cold i think if i wear shorts and a t-shirt I will get a case of pneumonia! I wonder if Praying01 did this already and how it went for her?
  5. by   Hmmc4
    Hey Nickymad1,
    I think I may know who you are..... did you sit at the desk in front of our instructor's desk during core? I am in the the left side row (if facing front class) second desk left chair.....LOL....Was John in Core? I dont know everyones name.
    I know I am not looking forward to that lab at all. Should be interesting. We also have a lab the 15th, I think we are feeding each other...LOL.... cuz on the sch it says to bring pudding or yogurt! HAHAHA that should be interesting too
  6. by   Hmmc4
    Ok that lab where we feed each other is on Jan 3rd.
  7. by   fitness1st
    Do any of you that go to Mcfatter or Sheridan know if they have advance placement for their LPN programs for people transferring? Can't seem to get an answer. Thanks!
  8. by   Iwanttobeanurse0214
    I wanted to apply to broward tech but I am not be able to come up with $5000 on my own. They say they do not offer student loans but I was wondering if anyone was able to get a private loans to finance this program. I am not eligible for pell grant because I already have a bachelors degree.
  9. by   pookyp
    How's it going for you guys? I plan on going here too.
    @ iwanttobeanurse0214


    you mentioned broward tech, i too was looking into their program. tution cost was also a issue for me. do you know of anyone who has actually attended? they seem to be very organized, but without really knowing how could one judge. i will stick it out and possibly attend sheridan or mcfatter.

    best wishes to all on this journey!
  11. by   ashy's
    Hi there Praying01, Im new to the site, and even though this thread is from last year, hope you respond...transferring from ATC to McFatter nights, would you please give me some info on instructors, clinical rotations are the tests??? are instructors reasonable??? are they somewhat "nice" and patient with students?? had such bad experience with instructor at ATC....thanks
  12. by   Praying01
    Hi ashy's

    I was apart of the evening program so from what I heard from the Day students we had it a tiny bit easier. The instructors are very good and clinical rotations were a drag. The hospitals didn't really wants us there and were more appreciated of thr BCC RN students. The instructors were not really reasonable, we would have to put up a fight during test questions we thought were wrong. The test were extreamly hard, but study and you will do fine....

    Hope thiis helped
  13. by   ETM1
    [FONT=Verdana, arial, serif]Has anyone graduated from Mcfatter in 2014,2015,2016?
    what are the pros and cons of the school?
    Do the teachers teach or is it just power points?
    What percent is need on the test to pass?
    Do you believe that you get prepared to be a good LPN?
    what hospitals do you go to ?
    what is better the morning or the night?

    help please!!! thank you