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are there any current students enrolled in mcfatter's lpn program? can you pretty please give any information? 1. how much time have you dedicated to the program, are you wrking? 2. does the... Read More

  1. by   Nickymad1
    julchaRe: McFatter LPN Program
    Anybody still have their teas V study guide. I'm planning to take the test in october and start in the program in January. Please let me know. Thanks!
    I have mine but I wrote all over it. Focus on Chem and Bio it's pretty easy if you were a good student.
  2. by   Hmmc4
    Hey Nickymad1,
    Wow, thats not good about fin aid. I had to call them again cuz I hadn't heard back from them & it had been like 2wks. They still didnt have my info & she needed 2 find out why it hadnt come back yet. She did end up calling back (I think) the next day & they finally got it. I was gonna make a trip over there next week, just working on getting more papers together that she told me I needed on top of the other stuff. LOL. I can imagine that it is crazy over there. But the lady I spoke to never mentioned coming in Oct??? I asked to make appt & she said walk ins Mon - Thurs, Fri appt only. That is weird.... Mid Oct??? I hope we dont have to wait till then. We have to register on the 24. That means paying that day......
    Thanks for updating me! I was wondering where u've been I will let you know any info I get when I go over there next week.
  3. by   Nickymad1
    I just realized that we will have about 5 weeks for school this year! I guess next year will be really hectic. Has anyone looked at the calendar? Does anyone have a visual of what the uniforms look like? I have so many questions that I'm going to make a list.
  4. by   Hmmc4
    I know it is overwhelming......thinking about everything. You can go to the browars school website, & get the school calendar. McFatter follows that. I already had it cuz my kids are in a broward county school. Did you know that we will get a whole week off for Thanksgiving? The BCSB just changed it from the 3 days to the whole week!! If you cant find the calendar let me know & I can email it to you. Praying01 got her uniforms, but I know the feeling of wanting to see them in person. LOL. I asked her about the collar (pp), like the teal ones, luckily there is no collar on the new ones
  5. by   Praying01
    Yes I sent you a private message, still don't see it?? Classes are going very well, we're covering basic critical thinking procedures and concepts. I didn't not have to take core, with them, so I have no info for their core class. But as far as the Nurse Orderly it's very good and the readings are a lot but definitely doable if you work 20hrs or less. The book and review book for Nurse Orderly are 978-1-4160-5228-9 & 978-1-4160-6234-9. I bought mine at it's ebay affiliated.
    Can't help with the financial aid process srry ;-(
    Uniforms are purple, no ugly collar, scrub set
    I have no idea of how the day grp professors are
    So far, so good!!

    Idk what else to add, but anymore ???'s let me kno. I will try my best to reply in a timely manner :-)
  6. by   Hmmc4
    HI! No, I didnt get a private msg. Very strange. I even logged out and logged back in (I have AN on my phone & I am always logged on, LOL). I sent you a private msg as a test to see if it would work.
    I am glad that classes are going good. When did you finally start? I bet you are so happy to finally start!!! Thanks again for the info & the Nurse Orderly books. I am def gonna look into those. I have actually picked up some used books on just to have as extra reference, like the made incredibly easy books, for like .75 cents! Couldnt pass that up
  7. by   Nickymad1
    Hey guys just got back from mc after and I picked up the book list and finally sat with financial aid! The supplies for core and block one from the bookstore will be $473.68. This is including one set of uniforms and prizes vary by size. You can't try on the uniforms before which sucks! Shirts are $22.87 and pants are $15.25 that's for the two biggest sizes 3x and 2x. I don't know if they run small or large so ....... Anyways uniforms are not used until the begining of block one so regular clothes for core which is 4 weeks. The books may change again so I suggest not purchasing books until later in October.

    Financial aid: They are not meeting with anyone of the November class until mid October! She would Not even take any paperwork from me until then. :/

    I'm going to go back on October 13 to turn in my required paperwork and visit the bookstore once again.
  8. by   Hmmc4
    Hey Nickymad1,
    So they may change our book list? I wonder if it is to newer editions?? It seems that they are changing a lot for our class. LOL. That is odd that we cant try on uniforms. I guess I will be buying one set to make sure they fit before I buy anymore. I was gonna get 2 or 3???
    Guess I wont be wasting the gas to make a trip over to the school yet? I remembered, the lady @ fin aid told me that things changed for fin aid this school year as far as documentation. That could explain the back up at the fin aid office?? I wonder if our money will even get to the school in time to register and get books & supplies....
    I think we should prepare ourselves for plenty of waits at the school when we go to the bookstore and fin aid in Oct, we may be waiting a while
    Thanks you so much for keeping me updated with info, I really appreciate it!!
  9. by   Nickymad1
    Hey Hmmc4!
    Have you started the financial aid process yet? I met with them on monday and they are supper quick and nice. You need your W2, Tax return, Highschool Diploma and your Fafsa. I wonder how long it will take for it to kick in? I hope to see you on Friday on 9:00 am sharp!!!!
  10. by   Hmmc4
    Hey Nickymad1 !!!!

    I think I was there Mon or Tues, LOL. I am not sure how long it will take, I hope it doesnt take too long. Yes, I will def see you Fri. I cant believe it is almost here!!

    Do you have any idea how long orientation will last?
  11. by   Hmmc4
    Oh, and I finally got my BLS out of the way. What a relief to get that done I did go over to bookstore and I asked about trying on uniforms. We are allowed to try them on before we buy them
  12. by   Praying01
    Hey guys
    Hope all is well!!! how was orientation? When is you start date??
  13. by   tricia1017
    Hi Praying01! are u attending the evening session at McFatter? Coz im thinking of doing the evening program too PLUS people have told me that the night teachers are "way more nicer" than the Am teachers --they yell less? Any truth to this? Also, are you in block 1? If so, do you know when block 2 PM sched is supposed to start? Thanks