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are there any current students enrolled in mcfatter's lpn program? can you pretty please give any information? 1. how much time have you dedicated to the program, are you wrking? 2. does the... Read More

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    Hey there! I just read the thread and I am in a similar position as you both. I applied to McFatter for fulltime evenings for this August term. I called on Tuesday and they said that I was 7th down the list. I cannot wait to get a letter or a call. Hopefully some of the people infront of me have made other plans because I am ready to finish this! Anyway, I was wondering if all goes well, we should form a study group or something to aid us in or scholastic journey. From what I have read having a study group increases the chances of making it through. Hope to see you at school!!!!!!!

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    was looking for reviews on mcfatter, and found this post, aug 5 is orientation for me, signed up for the evening class, cant wait to finish this program and find a decent job!!
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    Oh I was at the orientation this morning as well! I was the girl who wore a black shirt and had a raspy voice because of my cold. I'm super excited to start. I'm just wondering who's going to be in my class since I haven't takes CORE yet. Other than that I'm super excited!
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    Great that this thread is picking up!!

    Good luck to all future nurses...!!!
    I was also at orientation. The second person, last row by the windows. Im trying to get my Cores out of the way before Aug 22, because I have my cpr already and really would like to reduce my balance since im not eligible for financial aid and I work :-( . So, if you future nurses have any idea where I can get cores done w/o paying an arm and a leg plse help!! Thnx in advance.

    Hi HMMC4,
    Hope all is well! Well orientation really was not what I expected, idk maybe I'm just so nervous but excited at the same time. I felt that they really didn't say much. Little emphasis on books, supplies, etc. The one thing was uniform. The uniforms are different, looks more like a basic scrub attire and its purple!! I kinda like it because it has no collar and looks more like a nursing scrub none of that bell-bottom look I've seen the students wear; lol if that makes sense. And we have to wear all white shoes that are "leather" or "like-leather". I would have appreciated if they gave us like a list of supplies/books to have and/or where we can purchase shoes/supplies. Do we need our own stethoscope...idk felt like we were left in the dark. lol but whatever I will just have to asked questions and read other posts on this website.
    They also spoke abt the usual like policies and procedure, attendance, affiliated clinical sites etc

    I will posts more updates as the program begins :-)
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    Hi Praying 01,
    Thanks for keeping me updated. I am excited about the new scrubs. I just found out about it this week but wasnt sure when they were switching. Also, purple is my favorite color! LOL. That kinda stinks not knowing what type of supplies, esp with all the good deals right now.
    Well, atleast you are closer to starting school. The 22nd will be here real soon. Did they mention doing CPR before class starts? I am sure you will get loads of info once you start. Sending you prayers as you start the program!
    Keep me posted! I would love to know how your doing!
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    Oh btw, I thought Sheridan still did Core, or did they switch like McFatter by adding it to the program???
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    i was in the first row closest to the door, behind the big white guy that keep saying "purple" "purple" lol . anywayz after oreintation, i feel extremely nervous, the instructor said how the second term will be so extremely hard, im thinking about maybe looking at doing pharmacy tech or patient care technician? i dont know i have the weekend to procrastinate again..
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    I have to admit that while I was so excited for the purple scrubs, I felt bad for the guys who would be in the program. Most guys dont want to wear purple. Atleast the teal was ok for both. It was the dreadful white pants I was worried about. Wonder why they switched? Oh well, guess will be left in the dark on that one too! Hehehe.
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    @Hmmc4 - For the cpr she mentioned that, soon, it will be required before you are admitted into the program. But for now it is still apart of the first 3wks of class. I'm trying to avoid the first 3wks and, instead, start around Sept. 15

    @Chris954 - I'm EXTREMELY nervous as well. But I'd rather try and fail than not try at all! And I REALLY need this and move on to a RN/BSN so that I can shut some peoples mouth!!

    I have faith that I will pass to move on...
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    Hi Praying01,
    Thank you so much for all the info you are giving me. I really appreciate it. I was all excited thinking about orientation and finding out all the info we would need, but now I know not to expect too much I can see how you felt "left in the dark". I wonder if they give the students the supply list, book list, etc when you register? I hope you can get your core done before class starts so you can start later. I have to try and get CPR done now.... ugh.... mine expired in '06

    @chris954.... I agree with praying01. It can be very scary to enter into the unknown, but you have made it this far already, dont give up now. I think they emphasis how tough it is so the students are aware and cant say they werent told it would be extremely hard???

    Best of Luck on starting the program to all of you!!

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