LPN school in miami/Broward area

  1. 0 Does anyone know of some good LPN schools in the Miami/ Broward area. please let me know. :trout:
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    I went to Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood, and I found it to be a very good school. Some other schools in Broward County are McFatter (which I heard is kind of a hard school), Atlantic Vocational (which I also heard is another hard school, but has a very high passing rate for the NCLEX). http://www.browardtechcenters.com/

    In Dade county, two good schools are Lindsey Hopkins (which I think is the best) and Miami Lakes Technical Center. http://www2.edworks.org/coursesearch.shtml

    I think Mercy Hospital also offers an LPN program there, but I'm not sure. You can check it out.

    Hope this helps!!!!:spin:
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    Mercy Hospital is a great LPN school, everyone that I know from there are great LPN's

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