Looking for hospitals in Clearwater area.

  1. Hi! We are planning on moving in a few months and are starting our job search. We have family in Largo and want to move to that area. Currently work in Observation, we also get pulled to our CCU a few times a month.

    Anyway, trying to figure out what hospitals are out there and which ones are decent ones to work for regarding benefits and working conditions. Any help would be awesome. I really like the unit I am on now, and my manager and co-workers are awesome! I wish I could transplant them from Michigan to there!

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  3. by   Time4dilaudidyet
    Check into any of the Baycare associated hospitals(Mease Dunedin, Mease Countryside, Morton Plant in downtown Clearwater.) There are a few HCA associated hospitals in the area as well....RUN FROM THEM AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE ! Good luck on your job search, Clearwater is a great place to live.....
  4. by   gemberly
    Thanks for taking the time to respond!! I will check them out!!
  5. by   ukjenn231
    If you don't have to have health insurance, the Baycare system has a "mobile pool" with awesome pay rates and even provides housing for up to a year if you are coming from an area more than 100 miles away or something. I work for the system and I will say that considering it is Florida and expectations are low for healthcare IMO (I moved here from Kentucky), the system is very nice and stays up to date with technology and best practices. If you have any specific questions about hospitals, etc PM me