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  1. 0 Hi all. I'm a newly graduate nurse who has not yet taken NCLEX. I have been called for an interview at LRMC. Any nurses working there now willing to share their experience with pay, nurse/patient ratios and interview tips! Thanks!!!
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    i worked there as a new grad...what floor are u interviewing for?
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    Did you get the job Missy89?
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    Yes I did get the job.
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    Congratulations! What floor will you be working on? I am also a new grad and was just offered a position at LRMC.
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    Quote from Missy89
    Yes I did get the job.
    I am current looking to get a job at LRMC, can you tell me a little bit about the test we have to take after working for six months? I am nervous about that. what is the nurse/patient ration there? how much do they start rn's with experience? thanks
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    I'm currently doing my peds/OB rotation there. We had the nurse recruiter come talk to us during our post conference about working there. She gave us some numbers for differentials...anyone willing to provide the base pay?
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    Do they offer a new grad residency program? Or do they just randomly open positions for new grads?
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    I'd love any suggestions for who to ask for to try to get interviewed? I can't ever seem to get a human being to talk to, just a website? Thanks!!