Keiser vs. BCC for Nursing Program in Space Coast??

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    Hi everyone, I know Keiser is very expensive, but I'm afraid I may have to consider it if I don't get in to the BCC, Cocoa (Brevard Community College) program for this year. I have most of my prereqs done, gone to group orientation, had the advisement session, have work experience, etc. But even with all that I barely get to "25" POINTS!!

    My question is: Is it even worth it for me to apply to the BCC nursing program? Given that you have to have at least 28 points to be considered? Anyone been accepted to BCC with 25 points or less? I have also heard is a "nasty" program... is it true?

    Any insight on the Melbourne Keiser RN program? It seems at least their schedule would be easier on my four year old girl... you know 8am to 1pm Monday through Friday instead of driving to Cocoa for a 6:30am start with BCC... Heck, I wouldn't even have to take her out of her preschool if I go to Keiser, but then there is the money issue with their tuition

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    Apply to both. You have nothing to lose except to never know if you would of gotten in the program or not.

    Keiser is super expensive-- but at least you get your RN degree when you are done.
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    Thanks for the reply! I think you are right... where did you go for your RN?
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    i went to palm bay bcc and it is a very aggressive program. it is hard work but very do-able for anyone who really wants to do it. i don't really remember what my points were- but i got in the first time i applied. go ahead and apply- the worst they can say is -"we regret to inform you"...right??

    keiser is expensive. i mean bcc was around $10,000 for the rn program- i've heard the keiser is something like $5800 per semester....good luck either way!!
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    How did you like the Palm Bay BCC program? I think I would actually rather go there over Cocoa. I live in West Melbourne... just wish Palm Bay had a "daytime" option...

    Thank you!
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    Well, I have nothing to compare it to- but it was not that hard for me- but I had 10 years hospital experience as an ICU tech. BUT- it was disorganized- which I have heard many programs have organization issues- it was challenging to learn all the information- but with hard work and dedication you can do it. Again, good luck- I hope it helps.
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    Quote from Leocadia
    Thanks for the reply! I think you are right... where did you go for your RN?

    No problem!

    I went to Broward Community College-- now known as Broward College
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    OMG i didnt know i have to atleast earn 25 points... :/ im nervous now but how? i mean if you have a 4.0 its 16 point plus one for residents, 5 for HOSA... that makes 22 not 25 nor 28....
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    The BCC Palm Bay program is only in its third year and has straightened out many of the initial problems. The points system is pretty fierce and it's possible to get in with 25 points, but you'll get points if you had direct patient care/contact at your old job in addition to the 25.

    28+ will almost certianly get you in, but most of the class will have 35+ as a guess.
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    Something you may want to consider besides the finances is whether you intend on continuing your education locally, and or staying local vs. traveling. One of my former instructors, I go to Keiser, is an instructor at BCC and she said that BCC no longer has its National accreditation and that has come back to bite some students who wanted to leave the area after graduation. Keiser is nationally accredited, that is one of the main reasons I chose Keiser is that I want to travel and eventually get my PhD in nursing. I do know of a student who graduated from BCC several years ago, chose to stay locally and continue her education and is now applying at UCF for her Nurse Practitioner.

    These are just some things to consider when applying to schools.

    Keiser also does not have a "point" system for their application process, right now the Melbourne campus is filling classes for spring 2010.

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