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Hi.Anyone out there applying for fall 2013? There are changes this semester and was wondering if anyone knows what kind of score we may need on the NLN to have a chance at a spot. The application packets aren't available yet... Read More

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    Oh goodness. I will have do really good then. I Dont have points for micro this time so there's a good chance I won't get in.

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    Hey you guys! I was going to apply last semester but decided not to rush it. So, i finished all of my prerequisites and it looks like they're only letting four classes (Ap 1 lecture and lab and micro lecture and lab) count towards our total score. I plan on taking my NLN in the third week of march to make sure that I soak in all of the physics. Applications were opened today! I wish all of you luck! I'll let you know how I do
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    Thanks Pamela! I hope all is going well for you this semester!
    I took my NLN back in August 2012 and scored 141. I called today to see if I retook the exam, which score would they use. I was told they use the most recent score, unless you call them and tell them to use the older score.
    I am not sure if I should retake it or not. She told me that 141 was a good score; I just want to make sure I get in this time.

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    i decided on a whim and with less than 2 weeks of cramming to apply for the nursing program this fall 2013 and i took the nln yesterday..scored a 140. They do have a new criteria now, the composite total for the NLN is 200 and with smaller revised class list of only AP1+Lab and Microbio+Lab that allots you an additional 32 points, so top score i believe would be a 232 my total would be a 167, im hoping that'll be good enough to get me in, if not i plan to retake it for the spring because my reqs are done and pretty much set in stone. Anyone else got an idea of what kind of total composite score they're working with ? I can't believe I'll have to wait 4-6 weeks from april 3rd to hear back, the anticipation is killer!
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    jonnyvirgo- I took the NLN in August with a score of 141. I applied last term and didn't make it because I was still taking Micro, Diet & Nut, Human Development, so I didn't have those counted towards my points. Go figures that they changed it this term. I called the nursing department to ask if I should retake the NLN to try to get a better score. She didn't give a definitive answer except to say that 141 was a good score. So I decided not to retake it for this round. So your 140 is good!

    Good Luck to you!

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    haha the only reason i decided to even apply was because they changed the criteria, my diet&nut was was out of date and i figured those 12 points could prove to be pretty detrimental.

    It its any consolation, human dev and diet and nut are still part of the core cirriculum (why and how, i do not know), so once youre done with the major nursing classes, you're good, i'll still have 1 more semester to go
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    Hi, everyone!

    I just realized today when I was looking through the application packet that the points system had bummer because I worked really hard on all my pre-reqs thinking they would help my score. And of course they're using worst grade out of all of them! I took the NLN last week, and scored a 156 which I was told was good. My total score with Micro and A&P will be a 181 so I'm hoping that will get me in...if not, I guess I'll have to take Micro again and wait til Spring to apply again.

    Does anyone know how many people they're letting into the program? I've heard some people say 70 and some people say 90. Good luck to you all!
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    its usually roughly in that ballpark i think its 70 with about 10 being wait-listed if their scores are close enough to the bottom end. The students are dispersed between the campuses closest to their location if im not mistaken.

    with a 181 im sure you'll have no problem getting in haha your score has me a bit worried for myself >_<
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    @efryauff .... a 156 is a GREAT score on the NLN! Congrats! In the past it has been 70, but I'm not sure about anything anymore since they changed it all. I started in January ... my class is/was 70.
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    how are you enjoying the program so far ?

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