I'm finally an RN, where are the jobs? I'm finally an RN, where are the jobs? | allnurses

I'm finally an RN, where are the jobs?

  1. 0 Okay, so I've done it. I worked full-time while attending nursing school and being a mom. I graduated with honors, I passed the NCLEX on the first try. (75 questions). Horray for me! But, where are the jobs? So far I've applied for about 50 positions and not one call back. I am becoming depressed thinking that I may never find an RN position. With my husband's job and our home, we are unable to relocate. I've tried hospitals, home health agency's, nursing homes, and even a flu clinic. I've read so many posts about people in similar positions such as mine.

    Nursing is my passion. It is what I am good at. This is what I want to do. But no one is taking new graduates without any experience.

    I'm fortunate to have a good job but, I am not doing what I want to be doing. Does anyone have any suggestions? How can I make myself more marketable. I'm almost in tears.
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    Which region of FL are you in?
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    I'm in the greater Miami/Ft Lauderdale Area.
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    I hear new grad jobs are hard to find down there. I would stick it out or move into nearby areas. Since you have a job now I stay keep looking and be picky since you can be!
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    what nearby areas would you suggest?
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    We're on the same boat. Sent out applications everyday only to be turned down because of no experience.