IL RN moving to FL, now required to retake NCLEX ?

  1. Quick question here, because this blows my mind...

    Currently living in IL, looking to move to FL. My wife is a RN-BSN with over 10 years of wide ranging experience both in and out of the hospital setting but is currently staying at home as we have 2 preschoolers.

    Her IL license is current and active, but Florida is telling me that because she has been a stay at home mom and "hasn't worked as an RN for 2 out of the last 3 years", that she cannot get a florida license unless she retakes the NCLEX.

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  3. by   Lacie
    Wow as I did mine by endorsement in 2006 from PA. Hadnt worked actively as an RN since 96 and was in case management at that. That's a new one on me but maybe it was changed recently?
  4. by   Ace587RN
    wow, thats interesting. If your wife's license is active, she should have no problem transferring
  5. by   Jolie
    Quote from Ace587RN
    If your wife's license is active, she should have no problem transferring
    Not necessarily so.

    Each state sets its own requirements for licensure. Having an active license in good standing in one state does not always qualify an applicant for the same in another. The reason is that some states require very little to maintain a license. IL is one of those states. CEUs are a brand new requirement in IL, and current practice is not required.

    As such, an IL RN endorsing his/her license may run into problems with other states that have more stringent requirements such as current practice.

    I moved from IL with a current license in good standing, but had not actively practiced in over 5 years. NE would not license me until I took a refresher course.

    I would encourage the OP to check with the FL BON. It is likely that either re-taking NCLEX or a refresher would be acceptable.