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  1. Hello, I am preparing to relocate to the Tampa area. I am wondering about different hospitals that are in the area that are hiring? I have seen people discussing LRMC, Bay Pines. I am wondering what other hospitals are in the area of tampa, Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg. Preparing for a trip down and would like to have blasted my resume all over the Tampa Bay area first. Suggestions? Also, anyone know what the average start pay of a nurse new with one year experience is? Thanks
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  3. by   Tweety
    I would stick to the not-for profits, such as Baycare hospitals....this includes Morton Plant in Clearwater, Meese Dunedin, St. Joseph's in Tampa, and St. Anthony's in St. Petersburg. Also, there's Tampa General in Tampa and Bayfront in St. Petersburg. All of these have excellent reputations around the area. These hospitals have some seasonal fluctuation (we're right now in high season) but not as bad as some of the smaller for profit ones do.

    Largo Medical used to have a bad rep with nurses, but I haven't heard anything lately/

    Bay Pines is the VA hospital in St. Petersburg, and I hear good things about it, although getting hired takes a long time.

    Good luck!
  4. by   showe2
    I really appreciate your suggestions. I have been getting overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start. I did apply for a couple of things in St. Petersburg with St. Anthony's. I will be going to the other sites over the next couple of days to see what I can find. Thanks so much!!
  5. by   daves
    Welcome on down.
    I live in Clearwater and have heard decent things about Morton Plant, but have not worked there myself. I have worked at Largo which just last year voted by a 70% plurality of RNs and LPNs to unionize, so conditions should be improving (its HCA so you've been warned).
    Northside in St Pete is HCA as well, but honestly is not terrible.
    Tampa General has a good rep for the area and region, so if you're looking for a particular speciality, it'll be one stop shopping for you.
  6. by   Danish
    I worked for Morton Plant Northbay and Morton plant Mease. They are both Baycare hospitals. I have floated to Mease dunedin and Mease countryside in lieu of being cancelled and had good experiences. Baycare is a wonderful company in my opinion. Tampa General has a great reputation, but they only hire BSN nurses right now while they achieve Magnet status.