Hiring appears up in florida on Indeed.com

  1. i've planning to fort lauderdale next fall and have been tracking the job market out there...Depending what article you read, the center for nursing in florida has estimated 11K-15K shortage for nurses...I certainly know how we all feel about those two words...but the 11K was an estimate made back when there probably was a shortage a few years ago...but i think they upped the number to 15K this year...Tracking indeed.com...there seems to be quite a few jobs posted every day...how are you guys seeing it at ground zero out there? im definately not seeing 1000 postings every month necessarily...but it appears they are picking up... im seeing quite a few requiring 1-2 years exepreience versus 2-5 like we were seeing before...whats crackin out there?
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  3. by   malenurseFl
    The postings come from home health agency's seeking experienced R.N. There are some from Mollen immunization centers seeking nurses for the upcoming flu season. Then there's a few for nurse supervisors or case managers. Occasionally a few postings appear for hospitals needing nurses for night shift on Med surg.
  4. by   pnlu007
    I'm not sure if I Agee with u. I used to do staffing, albeit in a different industry. Many of these postings appear to be institutions. I do agree they all require experience tho.
  5. by   Wolf at the Door
    The Broward and Dade County are tough places to get employment. You may want to consider somewhere else in the state.