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Hello all, I thought I would start a thread for those of us applying to HCC's Spring 2013 nursing program. I am a Veterinary Technician/stay at home mom. I'm gathering everything for my application and hoping to drop it off at... Read More

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    Quote from baldotati
    Polio vaccination is only for kids and microbiologists.
    I was told by the HCC Nursing dept that we needed
    D Tap within the last 10 years
    Hep B 3 part series

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    Iam gonna have to wait until orientation to get it because my primary doctor told me is not recommended.
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    Woo hoo I just went to search sections and noticed they posted the schedules for the nursing courses for spring! I hope everyone gets what they wanted! I cant wait to get my assignment!!
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    When will we find out our assignments for campus?
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    Will we be getting anymore information via mail for the program or will it pretty much be Nov during class when we get told everything?
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    So I am getting really impatient while I'm waiting to hear back about whether I am in or not. I called HCC this afternoon and they said they don't know when we will be notified exactly, but soon. Also, it could be as late as after orientation. She didn't tell me this, but I think that most people will be notified within the next week or so, and if there are people that don't get everything done, they may have a few more spots and will let a few people in around the time of orientation. I also asked if we weren't accepted, would we be notified. She wasn't sure. I am telling you, they are not much help and that is not helping my patience much. I really hope we hear something this week.
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    Quote from sprmomof4
    I was told by the HCC Nursing dept that we needed
    D Tap within the last 10 years
    Hep B 3 part series
    I had the teethers (sp?) done since my old ped. dr is no longer around and my mom didn't keep the records. I am fine on Polio but for some reason, the MMR i had done, didn't register. Have to get that shot done again
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    Quote from Rochelleyohn
    When will we find out our assignments for campus?
    I think we will hear something a little before orientation, if i look at the other semesters thats when they received theirs. Hopefully by mail and soon!
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    I read somewhere that the MMR vaccines didn't last as long as originally predicted which makes it necessary to get a booster. Our kids are required to get two, but I only had one as a kid.
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    Since I know future nursing applicants will research this thread just as all of us on this thread have read the discussions from former applicants, I want to give some advice to anyone who may have been denied admission due to the college not having an "official" transcript on file. I was denied admission for this reason only, and the school deemed my transcript as "unofficial" because it "did not have a date on it". I recently obtained a copy of the transcript the school has on file for me and noticed that at the bottom in small print, there is in fact A DATE of graduation. Whoever reviewed my transcript and considered it to be unofficial completely overlooked the date which is present at the bottom. Unfortunately, I have already turned in my appeal prior to this finding. I emailed the school and am awaiting an email or phone call back. My advice to future applicants is to thoroughly investigate the denial, the reasons why and all the documentation involved. HCC is very unorganized in my opinion and I have fear that many applicants in the past have been wrongly denied admission to the program.
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