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    I checked my documents and nothings there except financial aid ofcourse... Did I have to go change my program study before applying? Because last year they said no just change it to AA Premed until you are accepted and then change it to ADN

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    You don't need to change it, it will do it automatically. If you go to the Progress toward Degree area, do you see Applicant/ADN? I saw that before I saw documents. When did you send your app in? I wonder if they just got a whole bunch and if you sent it closer to the deadline, maybe they are still processing?
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    Thanks. Yeah I dropped it off on the 14th and there were other applications in the box as well. I dont see Applicant/ADN when I click Progress Toward Degree. I didnt know they started processing applications as soon as they were recieved like they did with yalls so thats why I was worried that my account didnt say anything. Hopefully it changes soon
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    I mailed mine a few weeks before the deadline, and it took them a couple days after deadline to get it done. I imagine they are just doing it as they were received.
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    ohh yeah that would make sense
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    Hello everyone....I applied for DM days on the 11th of Jan. I have not received or seen anything posted to hawknet either like some of you....still waiting!! I hope to see something soon....just so i know they got everything!! GOOD LUCK to everyone!!
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    My guess is...they take their sweet time entering everything into the system, lol. I'm still checking periodically to see if anything changes and of course, this forum will be the first to find out!
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    yeah ive checked it a lot too... im so impatient
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    how are you folks planning to pay for school? i need lending options here... lol.
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    I'm on Bright Futures scholarship...which pays about 65% of my tuition, but for books, remaining tuition, and living expenses I've pulled student loans and plan on doing that through nursing school as well.

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