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    Hello everyone....I applied for DM days on the 11th of Jan. I have not received or seen anything posted to hawknet either like some of you....still waiting!! I hope to see something soon....just so i know they got everything!! GOOD LUCK to everyone!!
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    My guess is...they take their sweet time entering everything into the system, lol. I'm still checking periodically to see if anything changes and of course, this forum will be the first to find out!
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    yeah ive checked it a lot too... im so impatient
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    how are you folks planning to pay for school? i need lending options here... lol.
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    I'm on Bright Futures scholarship...which pays about 65% of my tuition, but for books, remaining tuition, and living expenses I've pulled student loans and plan on doing that through nursing school as well.
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    Im using pell grants, I know that dosen't help but try Salle Mae, I have a previous school loan thru them. Also is you go to Home - FAFSA on the Web-Federal Student Aid they will help you find loans and/or scholarships you can qualify for....and go in a talk to HCC's financial aid office, they will help!! Good Luck
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    Hi, Brandy. I was in your Micro class. I submitted my application for day time at the SouthShore campus as well. How have you been? Seems like a lot of people are excited, nervous, anxious, and the likes. I must say I am a little of the same. I apologize for the terse message. In a hurry. ttys... Good luck everyone.
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    I'm good, just being patient! Good luck!!
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    Have you already filled out your FASFA to find out what your EFC is? That will make a big difference on what aid you qualify for. The lower it is, the more free aid you get and the more low interest loans you qualify for. That would be the first thing I would advise doing. There are lots of grants and loans available, but it just depends on what you qualify for in your particular situation.

    Personally, I'm paying out of pocket in cash. I have enough loans from a previous stint in college and sure don't need anymore!
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    leepoffaith & startingovragain,

    if your efc is low enough, you could look into the nursing scholarship. You have to agree to work at a low income hospital, or other needy area, but you get a great deal of scholarship money.
    Nursing Scholarship Program
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    Ok all they have now posted my documents and cashed my check!!! It's states consent and app received but that my prerequisites are needed ASAP......so I'm hoping that is just part of the waiting process, because they are completed. Just and update I'm so excited to hear something now!! Anyone applying to Dale Mabry days??
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    It should only be "needed asap" a day or so until they process everything. Same thing happened to me. SS for me.
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    Thanks for the info Brande! Personally, I don't like accepting money on a requirement to work somewhere. Once we graduate you never know what type of opportunities may come around and I don't want to pigeon hole myself.