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    Sharynhopeful, which transition program did you apply to? LPN to ADN or paramedic to ADN? I'm applying to the basic ADN program so I'm not 100% sure about the transition but this is what the application states under the transition option for LPN to ADN:

    NOTE: The following must be submitted with this application
    Provide a copy of a valid Florida LPN license.
    1. Produce evidence of having completed CPR: Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer course from an agency that provides a two (2) year certification such as the American Heart Association BCLS-C course of the American Heart Association BPCLS course.
    2. Applicants seeking experiential credit must provide proof of 6 months full-time employment during the last three years as a licensed practical nurse.
    3. Applicants seeking articulated credit and waiver from work experience listed above must have graduated from a Practical Nurse Program in Florida, having completed the Practical Nurse Program within five (5) years of starting the Registered Nurse Program, and provide an official transcript from the Florida Practical Nurse Program at the time of application.

    If you're doing the paramedic to ADN, then these are the 'extras' that you are to submit with the application:

    NOTE: The following must be submitted with this application
    1. Provide a copy of his/her current paramedic license.
    2. Provide proof of 6 months full-time employment during the last three years as a paramedic.
    3. Provide proof of current certification in advanced cardio-pulmonary life support skills.

    Hope this helps. Like I said, I'm not familiar with either of the transition programs or what will affect your application, but this is what I found directly on the application.

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    Well tomorrow's it... last day for apps to be in! Now we wait. I know it's going to be a long 2 months, but I can't wait!
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    Now if only we could get people applying to get on this forum so we can see what we're up against! Lol. Maybe there won't be a whole lot of applicants and we'll all just get accepted without any issues.
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    Yeah, that'll happen! lol. How is your pre-req gpa? Are you concerned, or just impatient (like me!! )?
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    If I've calculated everything right...I've got a 3.67, so I'm pretty confident I'll be accepted. I've selected SouthShore as my first choice and from what I've seen, that's not people's first choice so I'm hoping I'll be in and at the campus I want to be at with no problems. I'm extremely impatient about this process, though! I certainly won't deny that.
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    Myself and 2 of the gals I went to some pre-req classes are also hoping for SS, but you are right about being the minority. Reading about the np1 teacher on rate my professor is kind of scary, but talking with SS students, it is a completly different story - they love their teachers, it's just a lot of work. I can't wait!!
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    I can't wait either! I've heard some horror stories, lol but I think we'll be okay! I'm just ready for March to get here so we can get those letters! According to previous classes, they start coming out in mid-March, I think...so only 2 more months!
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    hey folks... when you are in webadvisor under transcript... is that the correct GPA? also, it seems they only have (1) of my 5 transcripts on file.
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    Your acceptance into the program is only based on your pre-req GPA, so if the courses listed on your transcript are ONLY your pre-reqs, then yes. But if you're like me, my transcript through HCC has all of my courses I've ever taken, so I have to calculate my GPA manually.

    As for your transcripts, go into student services and ask them to evaluate all of the transcripts that you've submitted to the college. I've been at HCC for a year and they just evaluated all of mine within the last 3 months or so. And that only happened because I went and met with an advisor about something else and she just happened to see that they hadn't reviewed my transcripts from other colleges.
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    Yep, what she said. Also, choose your time/day/campus to meet an adviser carefully. Very first thing in the AM, Fridays, or the SS campus are quickest. Otherwise, be prepared to wait. Good luck.

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