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    They have mine listed under docs, but as not received need ASAP. Kooky... how would they know to put them there without receiving my envelope when my app and transcripts and check were in the same envelope?
    Let's hurry up and wait, shall we? lol.

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    Oh, geez! Well, at least you know they've got your stuff too! They're just being a little wonky with it, lol. I'm stalking my email accounts and webadvisor...this is pathetic! I've got to start swamping myself in these spring classes to keep my mind off of it! Lol.
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    Another day, another update. I received an email...system-generated, but hey! An email is an email.

    Dear ,

    Our records indicate that all documents related to your recent
    application(s) for a Health Science Program(s) have been received.
    Further information regarding admission status will be sent via US
    postal service.

    If you have recently moved, please visit the Admissions, Registration
    and Records office at the campus of your preference to update your
    mailing address.

    Thank you.

    Health Sciences Admissions and Appeals Committee
    Hillsborough Community College

    I'm getting so excited! Now the communication has actually started and I don't feel so unimportant, lol. Hope you all get some good news soon too!
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    I got that too, and since my docs are still waiting I started to reply then saw the "do not reply to this message". Ugh! But, since it said they'd update as they review, I guess that means I need to be patient!
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    At least they let you know they've received everything. Some other person probably has to manually go through and update that other list. Patience during this process seems to be very difficult, for me at least!
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    I just checked in and all my docs are received and my "progress toward degree reqs" has been updated to show adn!! This is one happy girl!
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    YAY!!! See? It's the little things that make us so happy now, lol.
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    Just received my email this morning that they got everything and checked my documents and everything has been checked as received!! Yay! Now time to wait until March for the acceptance letters to role out. This board is really lacking people. Maybe not as many people are applying to nursing this semester? Better for us.

    As for campus and time, I am also going for SS days. I love the campus, the parking there and the easy drive. I would hate to have to drive into Dale Mabry every day!

    Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!
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    I applied for the transition program at HCC on December 27th and some of my documents are still not processed. I received the system generated email as well. Oh well now the waiting continues.
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    I forgot to submit a copy of my CPR with my application does anyone think that will be a problem with my application?

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