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    Hi yall. Over at Spring 2013 we are eagerly waiting for our acceptance letters. I am sure you remember that weird mix of fear and excitement very well. I am trying to distract myself, so please tell me what you guys are doing in class. How is it? What is your average day like? Do you have to study every minute? Thanks, good luck, and I hope to join you soon.

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    Get ready to read every minute of your life. Well in the first couple weeks is the clinical day where you spend time sitting in the nursing lab, taking notes while the professor goes over the skills you were supposed to have read how to do, then practicing the skills by yourself or on a friend, then for lecture days you are supposed to have read another x number of chapters for example 3 chapters a lecture, 4 chapters a clinical that the professor just talks about what's important and shows you how you'll use the information in practice "nursing process" and you're also responsible you've read the entire first 9 chapters of clinical calculations and know it since there's not much review of it and they test you on it surfing week 2 or 3 depending on your professor
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    I meant to write: the first couple weeks (1-4) you spend your clinical day at the nursing lab. After week 4 you spend your clinical day at the hospital and the. Spend your outside lab hours in the lab, and comp ours in the computer lab. You'll have 1 clinical day(10 hours) and 2 lecture days (3hours)
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    You are responsible for 6-12 chapters a week of the fundamentals of nursing book
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    Hi All. I have decided to do my "volunteer" time at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. If you would like to join me, I have created a team - Hcc Nurse In Training. This event is Saturday October 20 at 9am at the Forum, and there is no minimum required to raise. I've done this event in the past, and it is awe-inspiring and empowering. If you don't want to walk, please feel free to make a donation to our team at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk | MakingStridesWalk.org*|*Making Strides Against Breast Cancer | American Cancer Society.

    Put on your pink bra and join me!!
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    I am excited yet terrified of this program because there is so much info!!
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    It is terrifying. But focusing on just what you can do day by day makes it less terrifying.
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    Yes ur right Calley. We have the med-calc test this weekend and I am freaaaaking out!!!!!
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    It's kind of hard to study for
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    I think i am ready lol

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